16 thoughts on “Sunday, different is good…

  1. How funny, I just read that Bette Midler quote and thought, no wonder I like her so much.

    1. I like her, too. From what I have read in interviews she was not a happy child. Guess being strong and determined helps the happiness quotient as we grow up.

  2. Yes – we should celebrate the differences. Growing up we had one really gawky, awkward girl in our class. She didn’t fit in and apparently didn’t want to.
    She is now a published novelist – guess going into herself as she obviously did during school days really helped her.
    And I love Bette Middler and her comment “Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world”

    1. I think we all have known kids that were sort of shunned because they were different. I was very different! And at times it was horrendous. Today I like my “uniqueness” and encourage others to be at home in theirs. Ah, the blessings that come with age.

  3. So true! We need to tell young people this. . .if they will listen and believe us. 🙂 Thanks Patricia, for sharing what you are thinking today!

    1. Well, I didn’t listen when older people tried to tell me, so I doubt many young people will listen today. That is just part of growing up, I think…

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