8 thoughts on “Wednesday, not here you don’t…

  1. One of our kitties obtrudes onto the other one a lot. She is blind though, and so the kitty she is thrusting herself upon uninvited can hide from her and wait for her to go away. 🙂 Praying that I don’t obtrude today! Or any day!

    1. Debbie, poor blind kitty! Does she get along ok? We had a dog that lost sight in one eye and was forever hitting her nose on walls and tables that were on her blind side.

      1. Patricia, she is amazing! She rarely runs into things, but does circle alot. When we brought her home from the shelter, she circled and sniffed like a dog throughout the whole house, then came back and laid down on the couch by us. We love her. She’s ornery and sweet all at once. 🙂

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