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Saturday, beauty that matters…


A Black cat Book Review

Fierce Beauty by Kim Meeder

In her book of true stories Kim Meeder tells women the truth about beauty, what it is and what it is not.  She writes of the beauty she sees in the women and girls around her and in her own life.

“You were not created to be a princess of entitlement but a warrior, fighting to bring love and hope to the world.”

It becomes clear through the stories that the world’s quest for beauty is insatiable, there is never enough, it will never be satisfied.  This beauty imprisons women making their world small and confining.  It cannot endure, it can only fade.

Just as clearly true beauty is revealed in the lives of imperfect women who have chosen the joy found in the freedom of the warrior over the prison of the princess.  This beauty does endure, it is eternal.

“God is calling women to be beautiful, not just the way our world portrays.  God’s desire is that we choose to lay down our princess crown of entitlement, pick up His sword of encouragement, and start fighting for those around us who are losing their battle for hope.”

Meeder writes captivatingly and deceptively simple.  In her book you can find easy surface lessons or dig deeper and discover wisdom rarely found in a book with beauty in the title.  From beginning to end the heart of Kim Meeder is exposed.  She encourages and inspires.

There is an honesty and transparency here that gives the reader much to ponder.

I received this book free of charge by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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