26 thoughts on “Thursday, RIP Dolly…

  1. Oh Patricia, I’m so sorry your lovely Dolly passed. I know how painful it is to lose a Catkid. My deepest sympathies. I’ll be keeping you in prayer for God’s comfort.


  2. Oh no, I’m so so sorry Patricia, your Dolly was lovely. I know how hard it is to lose a pet, I had a kitty once, the only cat that never made me sick (I’m sadly allergic to cats) and he died very young, I only had him for 6 months, but he chose me, he was abandoned, and I found him, and he came over, and climbed on my shoe….sigh…This was over 24 years ago, but I still think of him, and he’s still my special kitty and will always be. He’s in my novel, forever immortalised and his kitty soul is out there somewhere. I believe all living creatures have souls, and I’m sure Dolly is near you, right now…

    1. Thanks, Alannah. It is very sad to lose a catkid. I am sorry that you are allergic to cats but glad you got to have time with one that chose you for his brief stay here.

      1. I know, I am lucky I had this one special kitty choose me…and not once, did he make me sneeze. I miss him still. Hope you feel your Dolly near you….somehow…she may come to you in a dream, as mine did after he passed on.

  3. Patricia I am sorry to hear of your loss. Its such a big empty hole when out pets go! It will be a year Chritmas Eve that Pawley left us and our heart still aches for her! She definitely had a great spoiled life. She will always be near in your heart.

  4. Oh no! I just met her and she’s gone. She had a good, long life. She looked so much like my Lacey that I just loved looking at her and remembering my old cat. Lacey has been gone about eight years.

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