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Tuesday, Teddy talks…



Mama said  she would help me write on the computer if I was a good boy.  Most of the time I am a good boy!   I am going to tell you a little bit about me today.

Something happened, it’s kind of fuzzy exactly what, that made me lose my mother and siblings.  I was sad and afraid and started walking down a road.  I was very little.  I am still little but not as little as then.  A strange life form who walked on 2 legs and let the other 2 dangle at it’s sides saw me and picked me up in it’s dangle legs and took me to The Shelter.  I now know this life form is called people and the dangle legs are called arms.

The Shelter was also scary for a little guy like me, only about 4 or 5 weeks old.  It was noisy and it smelled different from the big world and had life forms there besides cats and  people that are called dogs. The people there were nice and treated me well.  I don’t know about the dogs, they were in a different room and  I never got to talk to one.  But I sure could hear and smell them!

I got fed and petted and had a safe wire box thing to stay in.  It had a bed and food and a box with stuff in it called a litter box.  That litter box was a new experience and not a bad one.  You don’t even have to dig in the cold dirt!  I found out later that people have litter boxes with  water in them.  That seems weird but people are a different species.

During the day lots of people came to The Shelter to see us.  They would take us out of our wire boxes to hold and pet us.  I didn’t like that experience.  It was too frightening.  Some people were ok but some, especially the short ones with squealy voices are not always gentle. They are more grabbers and squeezers.

A woman people came and adopted me as a gift for her daughter.  A daughter is a short people with a squealy voice.  I went to their house but only for 4 very frightening days and nights.  The short people was too intense for me.  I found places to hide.

The woman people took me back to The Shelter and told them I was too shy and needed to be socialized.  I didn’t know what all that meant but I was glad to be back.

After my time in the people house I made sure I stayed away from the people species as best I could.  I made it hard for people to get me out of my safe wire box!  Some did get me out but I would wiggle and squiggle until they put me back.  Sometimes I got away from them and would hide under things until The Shelter people would come get me and put me back in my safe place.

After a couple of weeks another woman people came and adopted me.  She’s my mama now.  I will tell you about that day another time.





21 thoughts on “Tuesday, Teddy talks…

  1. Hi Patricia,
    Teddy is a cute fur baby, thanks for ghost-writing his story for us!

    Thanks also for the award. I am honored, although I have to say that God is the awesome one. I know you understand!

    1. Teddy is a cutie and will be adding his thoughts on the blog sometimes.

      You deserve the award! And yes, God is the awesome One and has given you a gift that you use in awesome ways.

  2. Teddy, you are so lucky to have found a good mama to love you. And you know what? Your new mama is lucky to have you, too! I hope you come to treasure each other as much as you both deserve! Welcome to the world of people. It can be scary, but people like your new mama aren’t scary at all, and they only want the very best for you. Have a purrfectly wonderful new life!

    1. I know my mama loves me and I love her–but I like to keep her on her toes about it. People are scary–some of them. Maybe someday I will be braver and venture out when there is a people visiting mama.

  3. Teddy, you are doing so good, being so brave. Your momma knows about kitties and has lots of love, patience and food for you, I love the way you tilt your head! We have a kitty from the shelter too, who says a meow “hi” to you!

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