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Saturday, lessons of forgiveness…

A Black Cat Book Review


A Sound Among the Trees


Susan Meissner

When Marielle married Carson Bishop a lot changed in her life.  She became a wife to Carson and mother to his two small children, gave up her career, moved from the Arizona desert she loved to Virginia and the house Carson and his first wife shared.  The house, Holly Oak, built before the Civil War, is Sara’s family home and her grandmother, Adelaide, still lives there.  One day Sara and Carson’s children will inherit it.

The house has a history that Adelaide, who has never lived anywhere else, believes affects all those who live in it.  She does not believe there is a ghost, Susannah, haunting it though others do.  Adelaide welcomes Marielle to the house not with great warmth, but with the acceptance that she is the step-mother of Sara’s children.

As Marielle adjusts to her new life as wife and mother she tries to find ways to make Holly Oak her home.  She learns more about Susannah and why some think she haunts the house and why Adelaide believes the house brings trouble to the women who live there.  There are secrets but they are not what they seem.  The hold the house and its secrets has on Adelaide makes life difficult for everyone and makes Marielle question the decision she and Carson made to make it their home.

An accident, a surprise visitor, and a discovery of old letters written by Susannah, opens Adelaide’s eyes and heart to the truth of the past and allows her to see the truth of the present.  Carson also begins to appreciate the past as past and to give Marielle his love without reservation and guilt.

Through the stories of Holly Oak and those who lived there the need for forgiveness of others, and of self, is taught to those now making it their home.  History teaches there is little love without forgiveness and no forgiveness without letting go.


I was sent this book by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing free of charge in exchange for this review.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, lessons of forgiveness…

    1. I would recommend the book to someone that likes women’s stories that are not challenging, just a nice read

      I liked the book but didn’t love it. It is light reading.

      It reminded me that it is necessary to let go of the past to have a good life now. Too often we put too much of the past into today.

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