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Saturday, murder and more murder…

A Black Cat Book Review


Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell

Kay Scarpetta is head of the Cambridge Forensic Center in Massachusetts; her deputy chief Jack Fielding was murdered.  She believes his murder is linked with several other gruesome murders, current ones and some years ago.

Against all advice Kay goes to meet with a convicted sex offender who is the mother of the woman imprisoned  for the murder of Jack Fielding.  She wants to know more about this woman and her daughter and their relationships with Jack and the other victims. The meeting leads to questions about the possible innocence of another young woman on death row.

More murders, including the sex offender she met with and the lover of Kay’s niece, Lucy, bring the possibility of a terrorism plot to the attention of the Department of Defense.  Time is passing and the murders are escalating; the killer must be found and stopped.

This is the nineteenth Scarpetta novel Cornwell has written.  The books are fast paced with deep plots that wander around the past, present, private, and professional life of Kay Scarpetta.  Kay is always determined to find justice for the victims, usually putting herself,   and sometimes those she cares about deeply, in great jeopardy.

Whenever I see a new Kay Scarpetta novel has been published or any novel written by Patricia Cornwell I put my name on the waiting list at the library.  I have never been disappointed.

7 thoughts on “Saturday, murder and more murder…

  1. Scarpetta has always been way up on my reading lists. Thanks for bringing this new novel to my attention. Have put it on my list for the next library visit.

    1. I love to read and would read most anything. I am now trying to be more discerning and disciplined about what I read. There are a few authors I liked that are off my reading list these days. It’s not that they are not good authors but perhaps, for me, they are not the best choice.

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