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Saturday, real versus imaginary…

A Black Cat Book Review


My Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos

My Imaginary Jesus is a thoroughly delightful, funny,  little bit weird,  thought-provoking, sort-of-true story.  It is one man’s search to find the real Jesus among the pretenders.

Matt was quite comfortable with his Jesus, they were like best friends.  Theyimagine liked the same things and didn’t like the same things, thought the same and had the same opinions.  One day while at their favorite café a large man, with big muscles and a long grey-streaked black beard wearing dirty work clothes, came in.  The man noticed Matt sitting with his Jesus and reading the bible.  He walked over to the table and introduced himself as Pete and sat down.  Much to Matt’s annoyance his Jesus left him there alone with Pete.  Pete wanted to talk about the bible, faith, and Jesus, specifically Matt’s faith and his Jesus.

Pete, aka  the Apostle Peter, knew that Matt’s Jesus was imaginary and he wanted Matt to meet the real Jesus. What follows is a hilarious chase to track down the Imaginary Jesus’ of the world to show them for what they are; imposters.

This involves meeting lots of Jesus imposters.  Among them, but not limited to, are the Political Jesus, New Age Jesus, Testosterone Jesus, Healing Jesus, Magic 8 Ball Jesus, Perpetually Angry Jesus, Gay and Lesbian Jesus…and the list goes on.  The encounters with these pretenders are funny but also a bit scary in the truth of their existence. There is an Imaginary Jesus for everyone.  Whatever you need to make yourself feel good about yourself, to justify or rationalize what you think and do, there is a Jesus.

With personal stories, that may or not be true, Mikalatos tells the story of a journey to find the real Jesus. In the beginning Matt asks Pete why he just doesn’t show him the real Jesus.  Pete, the Apostle Peter, tells him;

“If you never confront the imaginary Jesus, he’ll keep popping up, perverting what you know about the real Jesus.  You need to look him in the face, recognize that he’s a fake, and renounce him.”

This is a wonderful book that is not preachy or pushy.  It just tells in a humorous way how we make Jesus who we want Him to be and the sad silliness of that.  Well worth reading and sharing.


This book was sent to me free of charge by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in exchange for this review.  dollycat

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  1. This sounds like a great read. We come across so many New Age people here and they really have an imaginary Jesus.

  2. Oh I like the sounds of this so much, Patricia! Thank you for doing these reviews and helping us find out about books for us or those we love!

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