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Saturday, looking for family…

A Black Cat Book Review


Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Sara Gallagher is the oldest of three sisters; she is the only one who is adopted.  She is different from her sisters, she feels like an outsider who does not belong.  She wants to know about her birth parents, thinking that life would be less confusing if she knew who they were.


Now that she has a daughter of her own and is engaged to be married the desire to know who and where she came from is stronger.  After months of research on the internet Sara finds her birth mother which leads to her father.

Her mother, Julia, is a successful college professor with a tragic past who wants nothing to do with Sara.  Her father, John, is wanted by the police and has eluded them for years.  He very much wants to be a part of Sara’s life.  Sara’s dream of her real family has become a nightmare.

The police want John and because John wants Sara and her daughter they use them to lure him into a trap.  The emotional rollercoaster this puts Sara on threatens not only her family and her wedding plans but her life and the life of her daughter.

What started out as a search for answers to questions of where she came from brings more questions.  Disturbing questions of what determines not only who she is but what kind of woman she is.  What is stronger? The traits we inherit or the environment we grow up in?

Sara is a complicated, temperamental, troubled, young woman who has struggled to come to terms with who she is and how she lives her life.  It was all finally coming together and now it is unraveling.

The complexities of Sara and the other characters in the book are compelling.  The story is both fascinating and frustrating; it moves along nicely but at times seems to lose it’s pace in repetition. Overall, it is an interesting book that makes us looks at what we believe makes a family and the part family plays in who we become.


12 thoughts on “Saturday, looking for family…

  1. I enjoyed her first book (Still Missing), so I have already ordered this at my local library.
    Judith folows your blog, now so shall I.
    God bless, Christine (judithhb’s sister)

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thanks for visiting and joining the followers! I read Still Missing, too, which is why I read Never Knowing. I tend to find an author I like and read everything they write. It is always lovely to find a “new” author.

  2. Another great review. I have sent a link to my sister in LA who is an avid reader and I am sure she would like to read your reviews. 😉

  3. Some close friends have been involved in adoption rights issues for years ~ often adoptees get more information than they bargained for when they set out to connect with birth parents. It’s definitely a bit of a gamble.

    Thanks for an interesting review.

  4. Nice review. Not sure it is on the top of my list of to-read, but definitely one for me to consider. Thanks for the synopsis! I wonder what I would do if in a similar situation to Sara’s?

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