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Tuesday, a parade and pigeons…

Hi Peoples,

Mama and I were on the balcony Saturday morning and there was all this music and talking and laughing coming from the street.


Of course, I had to see what was going on down there.

IMAG0090It was lots of peoples walking down the street–in the middle of the street.  I’m not even allowed on the outside of the balcony!

Mama said it was a parade–a St Patrick’s Day parade.

IMAG0081I don’t know who this guy St Patrick is but he must be a fun sort of people.  Mama says there is a lot of partying done on his day.  I bet I would love a party.

This is Minnie Mouse.  Whoa! She is a BIG mouse.  I thought they were all little things but she is way bigger then me.  She is cute but intimidating.


As you can see Mama is not the best with a camera but she has good intentions.

IMAG0093The parade was nice and all but it was getting a teeny bit boring UNTIL—-these HUGE balls showed up.



Ooooh, I wanted to be down there sooo bad!  Just think of the fun I could have with those…I could have batted them all over that street.  Maybe all the way to where the party was.

IMAG0094But then on the other side of the balcony I could hear this cooing sound.  And you know what that means–pigeons!  So I just had to go look.


I had to get as close as I could to the balcony next door but one floor down.

Mama about had a dog!

So that was that for our morning on the balcony.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


17 thoughts on “Tuesday, a parade and pigeons…

  1. Hi Teddy, Miss Misty here. You are very lucky to be able to write every Tuesday. My Mom let my brother Willie post last week for his birthday. My birthday is not until June. You look just like I did when I was a baby – Grey cats rule!!! Do you have green eyes like I do? It must have been exciting watching the parade! That giant mouse would have scared me. I don’t have pigeons in my neighborhood, but I do have sea gulls. Talk about a noisy bird… Thanks for sharing you adventure…

    1. Miss Misty, It is fun to write a post. Mama and I had to come to an agreement though. She types what I write–she can edit spelling and such but all content is to be mine. She tends to want to add her opinions but Tuesday is when I talk.

      You have plenty of time to think about what you want to say in your post. Hope you have pictures. Maybe a picture of seagulls–I would like to see one of those–and definitely a picture of your beautiful self.

  2. Hearing about Teddy and his adventures is getting me closer to getting another cat. I had to put my last one down last summer.

    Love his adventures. He’s got a great ghost writer.

    1. Get a cat, Tess! Mama lost 2 cats in a year and half. She thought she would wait a while before she got another. But after 2 weeks catless she got me from the shelter place. She couldn’t stand not being a MamaCat.

  3. Patricia, you remind me of my sister, Laina. Her catkid Shepp died after something like 18 years and she was devastated. Then she was given a rescue cat who was very frightened and sore, Oscar. He caused her so much concern. Then she was given another rescue cat, Charlie, but this one was, just like Teddy, a kitten. He is so active she doesn’t know whither she is coming or going most of the time 🙂

    Teddy, so glad you got to see the parade. Maybe when you are a big boy you can get a little closer to the fun. 🙂

    1. I am so glad your sister got rescue cats. There are so many of us that need to be loved by a special people like my Mama. Maybe someday I will get closer to the action–but to tell you the truth strangers still scare me.

  4. I thought I commented. Maybe I replied to tne email instead. Oh well. I enjoyed the feline eye witness account of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade outside your balcony. Blessings to you and your sweet pal…

    1. Hi Carol, Nice to see you! Come again–Mama lets me type most Tuesdays. Well, she types because my toes are too short and close together to type– but I tell her what to say.

      1. Hi Teddie, I did click in the wrong space and left an email reply. I found it in my sent mail. I’m not purrfect yet. Blessings to you and Mama…

  5. Thank you, Judith. It has been fun–and sometimes aggravating–having a kitten again. I was used to my old catkids who were calm and restful. I had forgotten how busy kittens can be.

  6. Hi Teddie, Mollie here. You are so lucky! We can’t watch parades from where we live but we do sit at the top of the stairs when we have company and watch the goings on. People are funny but there is no mousie (that would be fun) or balls.

    1. Miss Mollie, it would be fun to sit on stairs and watch the peoples. If only we had stairs. Oh wait, we do have stairs but they are outside. All the really good stuff is outside around here.

  7. Teddy, you had quite a time out there! Hope momma is okay after having a dog. I’m thinking you are kind of like your own little party, all wrapped up in fur and fun! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  8. i really love the way you tell these stories from Teddy’s point of view – I am not a cat person but I just love that cat!

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