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Monday, B is for Book Review…

A Black Cat Book Review


Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Valerie Adler is the only child of a beautiful single mother; a mother that has never grown up, she is more child than the adult and unable to be the mother Val wants and needs.  Addie Downs has a mother and father who are able to parent despite the serious problems they face. best

When Valerie moves in across the street from Addie they are both nine years old.  Both need a best friend and fate has brought them together to be best friends forever.  Both girls want what the other has.  Val wants a stable home life with two parents who care about her and Addie wants to be pretty and popular and have the freedom Val has.

All is well until high school when there is  betrayal and a secret shared that separates the friends.  Val moves into the popular crowd and Addie is the object of ridicule and cruel jokes.  Their forever friendship becomes a memory.

After high school Val works at a local TV station as a weathergirl.  She is popular on and off the air and has a busy life.  Addie lives alone in the house where she grew up.  She is lonely and trying to find love on the internet.  The women have not seen or been in touch with each other for years.

Then one night Val shows up at Addie’s house with blood on  her clothes and a crazy story.  What follows is a trip to find the man Val thinks she may have killed. But they can’t find the body or the man.  Addie and Val have quite a time trying to find the elusive maybe dead man .  While looking for him or his body they find their forever friendship again.

I liked Best Friends Forever.  The book is touching and funny, at times laugh-out-loud funny.  It tells a story of family and friends that is so real that it seems possible it could really happen.  If it were to happen you would want a BFF to be with you through it all!

14 thoughts on “Monday, B is for Book Review…

  1. I couldn’t help but think of that saying that a true friend is someone who’d help you hide the body. In this case a true friend would help you find the body!

  2. I read this book and it is fun and interesting. The twists and turns sometimes made me scratch my head. I like Weiner’s books. They are easy to read and have a feel-good quality.

  3. Sounds like a heartwarming read! Kinda reminds me a little of Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah, which is about these two girls who become best friends, and the book covers a span of 10 years where their friendship goes through many ups and downs. Thanks for the review!

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