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Monday, H is for home…

Cat on chair 01.24.09 [24]

Cat on chair 01.24.09 [24] (Photo credit: timlewisnm)

I have this place, my home.  Home is my favorite place to be.  There really is no other place I would rather be.

My home is small by some standards but bigger than I need.  It is not luxurious or high-end.  No designer furniture or do-dads.  Just comfy furniture and things that I like that make me happy.

My home has seen my tears and anger; heard my laughter and happy chatter.  It is where I have known great sorrow and greater joy.  I have at times been in pain and this is where I have found relief.  There has been unhappiness and hurt and there has been solace and comfort in this place.

I live alone with just my catkid. Some people don’t understand that this is part of what makes my home my favorite place, a place of sanctuary.  They feel sad, some actually feel sorry for me, because I live alone.  I may live alone but I am not truly alone or lonely.

Whenever I leave my home it is with the knowledge that this is where I will return.  I have never not wanted to go home.  Home is where I am content; the only place I am truly at peace.

I have this place, my home. I am blessed.




24 thoughts on “Monday, H is for home…

  1. Got to agree with you there Patricia. Home is the place! We are so blessed to have a warm and comfortable home. Thanks for reminding me of that. 🙂

    1. Elizabeth, it truly is a blessing to have a home–big or small–one person or a crowd living in it. A blessing for which I am deeply thankful. It is a wonderful gift.

    1. Misha, Before I bought my condo I spent 20 years renting. Wherever I lived was home even if it technically belonged to someone else. But there is something special about owning your own place.

  2. Home is where the heart is! Nicely put.

    You’re after my own heart. I am never lonely though I live alone (well except for the kids and grandkids upstairs—we don’t interefer with each other’s space)

    1. I think it is lovely to live alone and have enjoyed my life as a single woman living by herself. The definition of home is different for different folks, I think. Like you this is what works for me.

  3. Loved it! I posted another H is for Home topic on my FAV 5 today…it was a nice read. There is No place like Home…

  4. You did an outstanding job of writing my thoughts! The exception is that I have three furkids – one canine, two feline. There is security in being surrounded by my “stuff” no matter how that “stuff” is defined.

    1. There is security in having your own place and things. Though I like to think I could give up the stuff I think I would still need a room of my own to call home.

  5. Home is a special place for me as well. I like to travel, but it always feels really good to get home after being away for an extended period.

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    Tossing It Out

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