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Tuesday, I is for introvert…

A Black Cat Book Review

Quiet by Susan Cain

In western culture the extrovert is the person most often celebrated, promoted, sought after, and highly regarded as powerful. The introvert is often over-looked, left behind, ignored, and thought of as weak.The extrovert get things rolling, people moving, and the party going. We know who the extrovert is and what they have to offer because they are the ones talking, often loudly, the center of attention. The introvert is usually on the side-lines, quiet, often alone, and unnoticed.

Because the extroverts are getting the attention and leading the way we think most people are extroverts. But, in fact, almost half of the population are introverts; they are largely passed by because they prefer the shadows to the spotlight.

What makes a person an extrovert or an introvert? Why are our ideas and thoughts about extroverts and introverts so unbalanced? Why is the sensitive quiet one seen as someone “less” than the outgoing life of the party? How can we nurture and encourage children–and adults–who are introverts?

These are some of the questions Cain addresses in Quiet. Her writing style is not purely academic and not difficult for the average person to read. She has done extensive research and study of this subject. She interviewed extroverts and introverts and experts in psychology and neuroscience who study them. Cain gives advise about school choices, careers, relationships, leadership roles and styles and  reasons to sometimes “pretend to be an extrovert”.

Susan Cain’s book, Quiet, is presented clearly and well thought out. It gives reason to celebrate, promote, seek out, and highly regard the power of the introvert. Reading Quiet may change how you think or feel about those who are introverts. And for anyone, like me, who is an introvert it may help you understand who you are and why; and where you fit in.

If you are an introvert, have an introverted child, or are an extrovert who loves an introvert reading this book will be helpful and give you insight and understanding.

This book was sent to me, without charge, by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this review.

25 thoughts on “Tuesday, I is for introvert…

  1. I’ve listened to about half this book and I loved it! It’s very engaging. And if you are an introvert, it’s hard not to keep saying, Oh Yeah! That’s so true.

  2. I’m an introvert . . . but act extroverted when in social situations.

    As I understand it, the primary distinction is that a true extrovert “recharges his/her batteries” at parties, and other gatherings, etc. ~ they NEED to be around people to feel fully energized.

    In contrast, an introvert recharges his or her batteries at home . . . alone. And seldom feels the need to hang out with others . . . even if they are comfortable in social settings.

    Sounds like a good book, Patricia.

    1. You are right, Nancy. Cain does write that introverts are more apt to be “pretend extroverts” than for extroverts to try and pretend to be introverts.

      I can be somewhat extroverted but it wears me out. After being “social” I really need time in my nest to get it together again.

      it was an interesting book–she did a lot of research–but it isn’t a scholarly book.

  3. Mostly an introvert trying to be more outgoing since I not only like to write books I want to sell them! I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

    1. Sharkbytes, definitely read the book! It will help you with the being a “sales person introvert” aspect of your career. The more you understand yourself the better you you will be.

    1. It will be an interesting read. Some of what I read was surprising to me until I thought about it. It’s nice to read about yourself in more positive way–so often what I read about introverts is negative.

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