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Wednesday, J is for jabberwocky…

The Jabberwocky door knocker of the Chorister ...

The Jabberwocky door knocker of the Chorister School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


absurd, nonsense, nonsensical language

a monster in the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

We may never see a Jabberwocky but we all know jabberers that jabber in what seems to be their native language jabberwocky; and that in itself can be monstrous.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday, J is for jabberwocky…

    1. Jeff, the doorknocker is a knock-out (groan). I would be scared to puddles if I met a Jabberwocky–not a jabberer who speaks Jabberwocky–but the monster–skerry…

    1. JE, it would be wonderful to be as clever as Lewis Carroll was. As it is I will have to be happy as a jabberer fluent in Jabberwocky.

    1. Debbie, I have called my self a rambler/babbler but I think I will now refer to myself as a person who speaks Jabberwocky…and thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Carol, With all of us Boomers out there Jabberwocky is going to become recognized as the official language of the Kingdom of Age..

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