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Wednesday, P is for priceless paintings…

I have a lot of stuff.  Most of it is the usual gotta have kinda stuff; sofa, chairs, tables, bed, dresser, dishes, pots and pans, linens, clothes.  You know stuff of daily life.  Some of the stuff is “I just like it” stuff.  No real need for it but I like it and so I have it;  books, cat thingies, candles, decorative pillows, and well…just stuff.

 If I  lost it all or had to sell it I could.  I am not saying it would be easy and that there wouldn’t be some tears but of all this assorted  stuff most of it I could toss and it would be ok.  Notice I say “most” of it.  There are a few things that mean a lot to me.  None of it has any great value  but in my heart these things are priceless.

Of the priceless things are these paintings… 

This is my favorite.  It is the artist’s impression of me.

 This is my second favorite.  It is actually not a finished piece but a practice piece.  Doesn’t matter to me.  I love it.

And my third favorite.

None of the pictures here do justice to the paintings.  I am not any kind of photographer and I have a very basic inexpensive camera.

They have no monetary value, not painted by anyone you have heard of or know.

They are watercolor paintings done by my brother.  

If you could see them in person I think you would be impressed.

 They are quite beautiful.

When I look at them I remember Will and my heart is happy.


15 thoughts on “Wednesday, P is for priceless paintings…

  1. I too have a collection of art done by myself and others I know/love. They are what makes my home a home and not a house. They each contain some aspect of who I am and I’m totally lost without them. Thanks for sharing these wonderful paintings!

  2. I think they’re lovely. Some of the things I love best have as much to do – and sometimes more – with the people and memories attached to them than with the items themselves.

  3. Oops, Now I see the pics…. love the second one with daisies!

  4. for some reason the pictures did not show up on my computer but the way you describe them, it is obvious they are near and dear to your heart, and that is what makes them so “precious”. good post.

  5. lovely, Patricia…and this is the 2nd bunch of lovely daisies I’ve encountered in my blog wanderings today…cheerful and delightful! What remarkable paintings and keepsakes.

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