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Friday, R is for Rescue; a review…

A Black cat Book Review

Rescue by Anita Shreve

Webster is a paramedic who saves the life of a beautiful young woman, Sheila.  They fall in love.  They marry and have a daughter, Rowan, and do not live happily ever after.

When Rowan is two years old, Sheila leaves them and father and daughter  go on without her.  All seems fine until Rowan’s last year of high school when she begins to quietly rebel and distance herself from Webster.  On the night of the Senior Dance there is an accident…and the return of Sheila into their lives.

There are times in the early years of Sheila and Webster’s relationship that are touching and beautiful as only young love can be.  But in the midst of that love is also great sadness and the knowledge that love does not always conquer all.  When they see each other again years later it is with acceptance of who they were together and who they have become while apart; the one thing that has not changed is their love for Rowan.

Well written with brutal honesty of emotion there are many questions and few answers, much like real life.  Anita Shreve deftly explores the deeper and more tender places of the heart.


12 thoughts on “Friday, R is for Rescue; a review…

  1. Great review. I wanted to comment on your post from wednesday (P) I loved how you said that you have been called different names, depending on who the person is , or the time of your life it was. Being a “Patricia” , I had the same experience. It was so obvious that my children would would know it was a relative when they called for “Patsy”( hate that name,,, like your “Patty”) Had a good chuckle. thanks.
    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    1. Patricia, The year I was born Patricia was the most popular girls name. In school there was always at least one other Patricia and we each would be called a different derivative of the name.

  2. sounds fabulous, and I’ve always enjoyed Anita’s books…must get this one! And thanks for a great review!

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