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Tuesday, U is for underwear…

When I was doing laundry the other day I got to thinking about my Gramma.  About her underwear to be specific.  Maybe it’s weird but one of my favorite memories of her is her underwear.

Gramma was short–not quite five feet tall.  And she was—not exactly what you would call fat—but she was—well—round.  Her shape was more of a small barrel than an hourglass.

What was interesting about her underwear was her choice of underwear.  She wore a corset.

 I mean every single day she wore a corset.  

  Sort of like this one

And yes, she wore stockings.  Elastic support hose.  Except in summer.  Then she wore cotton hose.

The fun part was when she took her corset off to put her nightie on.  She would hang the corset on the closet door.  It looked like her body was still in it.  It was shaped just like her!  I am not sure if her corset was shaped by her body or her body by the corset.  Anyway, it would hang on the closet door until morning when she would put it on again under her house dress.

Oh, and under the corset she wore something like this 

 Quite the stylish gramma she was!

I wonder what she would think of  underwear today?

Today, I think…though I am not really a Victoria’s Angel kinda gal I am definitely glad Gramma’s underwear is not in my drawer…or hanging on the closet door…

23 thoughts on “Tuesday, U is for underwear…

  1. I remember my grandmothers and great aunt wearing a slip every day . . . and stockings with garters (which must have been attached to something like a girdle or a corset).

    I know nothing about the rest of their “unmentionables” because they didn’t mention them. 😆

    Thanks, Patricia!

    1. The girdle/corset/stockings thing seems to be a thing of the past. Although, we do have body slimmer thingies. Slinky’s? And pantyhose.

  2. I watched a program the other day where an aged super-model in her 80s (still working it) was horrified that women today don’t wear corsets. She said that she’s never gone a day without wearing one. So you’re grandma was very hip! 🙂

  3. My Grandmother wore the same get up. I was fascinated! Between that and the Coty face powder she was like a different breed of human. I loved to sit on the edge of her bed and watch her get ready for her day. I guess I was a weird kid. 🙂 Good memories Patricia!

    1. Corsets were definitely a generational thing. There are still corsets but now they are most often worn on the outside of the dress. My Gramma was a Coty face powder woman, too. And she wore Emeraude perfume.

  4. My Mom had one of these but it was only for special occasions. Eventually, they got to be lighter weight and then she stopped wearing them completely! (Everyone did thank God!) Your grandmother must have been made of sturdy stock to wear one everyday.

    1. Kate, if nothing else Gramma was stubborn! I really don’t know why she insisted on the corset. Her shape was truly that of a small barrel and nothing could change that.

  5. No way. I will not comment. You will not trick me into making that stupid smart alec quip from a stupid male smart alec. I know when to avoid commenting because it will come out stupid and all the ladies will call me stupid so I am not commenting on this post because they will call me a stupid jerk. On the other hand….

    1. Elizabeth, I think she would worry that they would catch cold…

      Did you know that when the economy is at it’s worst skirt lengths are long and when it is good they are short? Interesting…

  6. My grandma was more of a free spirit. My mother on the other hand wore something similar to your illustration. She called them “Waist Cinchers.” I called them legal torture! As a child I remember seeing them “hanging” awaiting their next work day and feeling like they literally had a life and personality all their own. In many ways, they represented a persona Mom put on in the morning and literally wore throughout the day until she crawled into bed at night when it was safe to be herself!

    1. Carol, interesting thought about your mother’s waist cinchers. I think we all have something we put on at one time or another so we can be in the world until we are home and safe.

  7. This is precious, Patricia! I don’t think I’d like a corset either . . especially hanging from my closet door, reminding me of my shape. ! haha!

  8. My grandma hated binding clothes. She carried her underwear in her glove compartment. If she had a car accident, she planned to put them on before the ambulance arrived. Ha! Otherwise, she didn’t wear them at all. She never did have a car accident. I wonder if that old car still has her undies in tne glove compartment. She was the sweetest lady in this land.

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