18 thoughts on “Wednesday, V is for vino…

  1. I actually saw this in Sam’s Club yesterday and thought, Yuck! It just didn’t look right to me 🙂

    1. Elizabeth, give it a try it really is good–at least I think so. It is not meant to be served with food but it is good with cookies or cake. Basically it is dessert in a glass.

  2. Love the “V” post…. and also the chocolate and wine… although not necessarily together!! I believe the wine that Arlee is describing is called a chocolate raspberry port wine. Very yummy but in small amounts!

    1. Patricia, It’s the chocolate that makes the wine good–at least to my taste buds. And since wine makes me sleepy…well you know a glass or two is about all I can drink before it is nightie-night for me. Don’t no nuthin’ bout port, dessert or otherwise…

  3. Hey, if there can be chocolate covered bacon then why not chocolate wine? I say chocolate pretty much goes with – and should go in and on and over – everything. 🙂

    Happy A-Z!

  4. Is this true? Oh my. . .they may have to start up rehabs after awhile! 🙂 Once again you have broadened my horizons!

    1. MJ, This is the for sure the real deal. It may help the sinus congestion or at least you won’t be bothered by it so much…

    1. Kate, A mocha latte wine?! If this is the case I have a friend that would love it. But I think you are talking about just coffee…

  5. I had a chocolate flavored dessert wine once and it was delicious. To be drunk in only small quantities though.

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