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Sunday, ice cream and Spring…

Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manito...

Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manitoulin for a $1 donation. It was sort of icey. For Macro Mondays Drips Drops Splashes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ice cream goes with springtime.”

Susan Hill

And summer and fall and winter….


10 thoughts on “Sunday, ice cream and Spring…

  1. Yum!! I live near an ice cream stand that makes home made ice cream in about 40 wonderful flavors. The entire area is a buzz when they reopen in the spring.

  2. That cone looks delicious. Can’t remember when I had one last. Used to be on warm Sunday afternoon, a friend and I would go walking and buy an ice cream cone along the way. But no more. Must watch the hips.

    1. Tess, The cone does look delicious. I have learned that I eat as much ice cream as there is in the freezer. If there is a half gallon I eat a half gallon. So, I rarely buy more than one serving at a time. One cone in the freezer one cone to eat–but then one cone doesn’t really make it to the freezer…

    1. Debbie, I agree. Why didn’t I buy ice cream when I went to the store? Oh yeah, I have no willpower.If it is here I will eat it all.

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