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Monday, reflecting on the A to Z challenge…

The A to Z Challenge for April 2012 is now history.

Now for some reflections


This was my second year taking part in the challenge and like last year I enjoyed it.  Well, maybe X wasn’t much fun. Sorta taxed my brain.


But I persevered!

The challenge does make me a bit more disciplined, at least for the month of April.  Like last year I did not have a theme I just wrote what came to mind for whatever letter it was for the day.  But I think next year–yes I am planning on taking part next year–I will try the theme thing.  That’s what I am thinking today but I may change my mind you know.

It was wonderful having new peeps visit my blog and going round and visiting others.  I did not get to all that many and I did not comment on all I did visit.  My bad, I guess.  That discipline thing again.  Maybe I can plan my time better next year. 

I really do feel bad that I didn’t comment on every blog I visited. That was not very thoughtful of me and I apologize.  It’s just that there are so many in the challenge, which is great, but you have to sleep some time.


When I think of the work involved for those that put all this together I am amazed.  So dedicated and encouraging and busy!


Y’all must be exhausted!

Thank you for hosting the A to Z Challenge!

You are Super Bloggers!

Now you will have to excuse me, I see that I have less than a year to prepare for the 2013 challenge. So, I must start making notes for those April posts.


Or not…

24 thoughts on “Monday, reflecting on the A to Z challenge…

  1. Good for you for making it through the challenge and this being your second year and considering it again for next year! I’m not sure I’m going to repeat it again (this was my first year). It was hard to visit other blogs plus all the other blogs I usually read; I tried to read at least 10 new ones a day. If they were too long of entries, I rarely left a comment (or finished the post). The hosts advice to keep it short and simple made me like the blogs that did just that 🙂

    have a great Sunday!


    1. Betty, I know what you mean. I did not get through the list of all the challengers but did what I could. I just don’t have that much time to be on the computer! I rarely read blog posts that are more than 500 words. And keep mine to that or less.

      Maybe by the time April 2013 comes around you will want to participate again. Never say never…

  2. Well done Patricia on your A to Z challenge. I really enjoyed reading your posts.

    On a little side note: I always wondered how you kept so disciplined. Now I know, you have an eleven month start 🙂

    1. Elizabeth, Thanks, I had a good time with the challenge. but you must read the last line of this post…very important.

  3. You already have more discipline than I!..A whole month with one idea, through the alphabet?! No, thank you! I’d rather play with pictures!

    1. You could take a picture of something that represents or uses a letter. That’s only 26 pictures. A “snap” for you!

  4. I enjoyed your Reflections post. It made me smile. Theme or no theme I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’re a Challenge veteran!

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Lee, Glad you got a smile from my reflections. I really have enjoyed the Challenge.Thank you, and your cohorts, for keeping it all organized and happening.

  5. I get tired just thinking about next years challenge….. but still enjoy reading your post now!

    1. Debbie, it’s a good thing I have a year to get ready.
      Although, I will probably wait until the last day of March to put any thought to it.

    1. Thank you, Carol Ann. You are a wonderful encourager. Glad the kitties brighten thkngs.

    1. Thanks, Tess. I had fun with it. I will come up with something for next year, Lord willin’ and ifn the creek don’t rise.

      I appreciate your encouragement!

  6. Congratulations on finishing the challenge and sharing your reflections. I’m following you now and hopefully, next year, we will do it again!

    1. Evalina, Thanks for visiting, commenting, and following. I hope to hear more from you. Soon as I can I am off to see you at your blog.

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