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Friday, home is where Mom is…

A Black Cat book Review

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

When Jill Farrow was married to William she was not happy and with good reasons.  Once she divorced him, though she missed her step-daughters, she was very happy with her life as mom to her daughter, Megan, and working as a pediatrician.  She had made a life for them and it was enriched when Sam came along and they (all) fell in love.

Engaged to Sam, busy at work, and delighted with Megan, life is good.  Then William dies and his daughter Abby believes he was murdered.  Abby goes to Jill for help in convincing the police that her father’s death was not an accidental suicide as they have ruled it.

While trying to help Abby come to terms with William’s death Jill is surprised to find some information that makes her think maybe Abby is right, possibly her father was murdered.  William’s other daughter, Victoria, is angry with both Abby and Jill and makes it clear that she wants their insistence on investigating William’s death to stop and Jill out of her life.

When convinced Abby is right and the police wrong Jill tries to find out why her ex-husband was murdered and by whom causing her own life to begin falling apart.  Sam is feeling neglected and disrespected and begins to distance himself from her and  Megan, who has always been close to her, starts keeping secrets; at work her commitment to the medical practice she recently joined is questioned.  And she believes she is being followed by someone likely involved in the murder.

There are some things that are obvious as the story unfolds but there are some interesting unexpected twists, too.  Like life in reality there is some confusion and hurt feelings; unlike reality it all gets wrapped up neat and tidy in the end.

Come Home has a lot going on but bottom line it is a story about motherhood and family and all a mother will do to ensure her child’s well-being and happiness.  In the book the question is asked; “are you your mother’s, or step-mother’s, child forever or is there such a thing as an “ex-child”?”   Though it is a murder mystery the murder is just the backdrop for the story of Jill and her daughter and step-daughters.  And in my opinion the better part of the story.

6 thoughts on “Friday, home is where Mom is…

  1. This sounds intriguing. I’ve read other books by Lisa Scottolline, although the titles aren’t coming to mind.

  2. Another great review! I stink at them, so really appreciate that you can tell us about the book without giving it all away! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debbie. I try to get your interest without spoiling the fun of the read. Sometimes I want to tell the ending but that wouldn’t be fair.

    1. I wonder if there were more hours in a day if that would help. Maybe it would just make to-do and to-read lists longer.

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