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Saturday, feelin’ good…

Feels good to finish a pro


If you are at all like me there are “projects”  that are needing to be done but not so big that they can’t be put off for a while.  And so they keep getting put on the bottom of the infamous to-do list.

 One of mine got done this week.


I had new fixtures put in the bathroom and then I thought the light fixture didn’t look right.  My plan was to paint it; so on the list it went.  I think if my friend hadn’t decided she would come and paint it for me it would still be on the list.   Because she was so thoughtful, as she always is, I did a couple of other little things to spiff things up in there.  Still some to do but the major DIY  stuff is done!

Thanks and hugs, Janyce!  Today, I think you rock!

12 thoughts on “Saturday, feelin’ good…

  1. Here I sit putting off mopping the floor. I think my put-off has gone on long enough. I’m going to have to blast off and do it instead. Thanks for the reminder. I needed it. Blessings to you…

    1. Just remember nobody ever eats off the floor so it doesn’t have to be clean enough for that. I think as long as there are no bugs and my feet don’t stick to it the floor is ok.

  2. Yeah, good for you!! We all have “to do” lists, as you said and I am surely no exception. You are also lucky to have a friend like Janyce!!! Relax and enjoy….it’s Saturday~

  3. I think Janyce rocks too . . and you! Way to go Patricia! I too, love that feeling and I think your post will help propel me to my to do list, to get some of those things to done!

    1. Yep, Janyce rocks I am not very good with the to-do list. I look at it quite often but that’s about it. Sometimes things are on it so long I just erase them !

  4. Congrats Patricia on getting the job done 🙂 I’ve been hovering over doing my kitchen countertop for months. I can’t decide on what type of countertop I want. But I think that is just an excuse to keep me from getting into the actual rip-out of the old one. It’s going to take two days to complete the whole thing! Aargh!

    1. Are you going to do the work yourself, Elizabeth? I have countertops on my to-do list–just waiting for Lowe’s to have a sale then they can do it. Not a DIY for me.

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