16 thoughts on “Wednesday, there’s a word for me…

  1. Great word….. I agree, I would also be a bi…bibu….. anyway..one of those!!!!LOL

  2. Love the picture! I always thought Miss Misty was trying to get the attention to her and away from the book when she climbed in my lap and sat on it…little did I know she was actually READING it! Great word!!

    1. None of my cats have cared to read but I had one that liked car races on tv and have one now that likes to watch the movie previews on Netflix DVD’s.

  3. “Bibliobibuli” that’s quite a mouthful for folks who are basically silent most of the time 🙂 Love the picture. He’s just waiting for a mouse to run accross the page.

  4. 😀 Good one, Patricia. I think I’d rather be called that than some of things I’ve heard along the way! teehee!

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