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Saturday, necessary enemies…

A Black Cat Book Review

The Necessity of an Enemy by Ron Carpenter Jr.

Ron Carpenter Jr. is senior pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, South Carolina.  He and his wife, Hope, founded the church in 1991.  Today the church has over 16,000 members and 150 community outreach programs.  Their ministry includes television and web programs and more than 1,500 affiliated churches worldwide.  He is a successful man who learned that enemies are necessary because we have our part and purpose in God’s plan.  God uses enemies to strengthen us, test us, build our vision, and to help us become who He has purposed us to be.

There are seven parts to the book that Carpenter wrote after his own difficult time battling the enemies the Enemy put in his path.

Parts one, two, and three tell us why the enemy is necessary, who is really in control, and that being a target in the enemy’s sights is a blessing.

“Every conflict, if embraced properly, will reveal itself to you as a necessary step toward purpose and destiny.”

Parts four, five, and six tell us where enemies enter our lives, what weapons are used by the enemy, and there is always an enemy on the prowl.

“An enemy is someone who increases, strengthens, encourages, or enables an area of weakness in you that God wants to remove from your life.”

In part seven there are lessons on how to fight.

“…engage the enemy, not based on what you are seeing in your circumstances, but based on the promises–the truth–of what you are hearing in the word of God.”

“To defeat an enemy you must hear what God says and act accordingly.”

In conclusion, part eight tells us about the next thing…the spoils of victory.  Victory in a battle does not mean there will not be other battles.  The spoils of victory are to be acknowledged and enjoyed but our guard and focus must remain and we must be alert.

“The Enemy is there, trying to ensure that your potential never manifests itself.  However, the fact that he is present means there’s something about your future he fears.”

Carpenter writes of the enemy that came into his life and set him spinning.  His experience and what it cost him, taught him, and how it gave him a clearer vision of who he is and his part in God’s plan led to the writing of this book.  What he writes is challenging and he sometimes is brash and can sound arrogant.  But he encourages the reader to face the Enemy and do battle in spite of weaknesses knowing it is all part of God’s plan and purpose for us all.

“How bitter the battle, but how sweet the victory!”

I received this book from WaterBrook Press at no cost to me in exchange for this review.

11 thoughts on “Saturday, necessary enemies…

  1. This sounds pretty interesting, and I believe it’s a good thing to find out what other people think or believe, so you are able to challenge, re-affirm, or better understand what you think and believe. The “full of himself” thing is a real red flag for me, though, in that I have to wonder if the author is writing from a place of service and praise. Is he writing to glorify God or himself?

    I don’t really know whether God purposely puts enemies into our lives. I feel that that’s off somehow, but I don’t really know. I do believe that Satan does that, that he tempts us and digs at us in any way he can, big and small. It sounds like this book really makes you think and consider, which is good. I don’t guess it really matters that much if anyone “sent” the enemy. I guess what really matters is how we meet the enemy, that we turn to God and not away from Him.

    1. Michelle, I don’t think God sends or puts enemies in our lives but I do believe He allows the Enemy to try and make a mess of things in them.

      1. Yes, that I can understand! Parents have to let us live our own lives and make our own decisions. They give us a good foundation, then guide and advise us. They gently correct us when we make mistakes, commend us when we have done well. And they are always here for us, with open arms and hearts.

        A great parent doesn’t save their child from every little thing. A great parent prepares their child for the world, and then also allows them to learn from their own experiences. How many times have I said, “So that’s what you were talking about! I get it now.”

  2. I agree, good review. Makes me want to go get the book and see what he’s talking about.

    1. Glad you liked it, Elizabeth. I liked the book but like I mentioned in the review the author seemed a bit “full of himself” at times.

  3. “God uses enemies to strengthen us, test us, build our vision, and to help us become who He has purposed us to be.”

    While this may be true I am very uncomfortable with the idea of being tested. Either I have faith or do not. The testing seems like some sort of game. I do believe, however, that Satan tests us every day.

    1. Carl, I don’t think anyone is comfortable with testing. I believe the testing of our faith is not a pass or fail sort of thing, for once we are His that doesn’t change, but it is a way of perfecting our faith. Any testing of us can only be what God allows for the good of His kingdom.

  4. This sounds like it has some good points and lessons in it, Patricia! Thanks for another good review. I like how you review books because you give us alot specific info on them! 🙂

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