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Sunday, easy peasy…


I SAID I WANT MILK!!! (Photo credit: ♡Blackangelツ)

“I had been told the training procedure with cats was difficult.  It’s not.  Mine had me trained in two days.”

Bill Dana


14 thoughts on “Sunday, easy peasy…

  1. I keep telling my person not to listen to Scratchy – the cat that I have to put up with – but I haven’t been able to convince her.

  2. I never gave my cats milk but they COULD do tricks and they listened. After that their time was their own.

    Piece of paper on the floor by my foot. Throw the ball. The cat eagerly catches it and is instructed to place on the piece of paper. Another GOLD star!

    Before I feed you, you have to impress me and do a trick. Please sit so I know you are paying attention. I was aptient. My cats were either hungry or eager to please. Bums down. They got fed. Easy Peasy.

    1. Actually I am told milk is not good for cats so you get a gold star for that.

      Teddy loves to play fetch. The only trick he has is to look sooo cute that I do whatever he wants.

    1. They are rich cats! Teddy only likes the milk left in my cereal dish and he is not very patient waiting for me to finish so he can have whats left.

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