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Wednesday, cozy…

Cozy Cat Cube

Cozy Cat Cube (Photo credit: smneale)


a small secluded room


11 thoughts on “Wednesday, cozy…

  1. My cat is stubborn, she will not go into any hideout and will not use her scratching post, tries the furniture, I call her my Pita cat, but I still love her:0)

    1. Interesting that she doesn’t have a place she likes to hide. Lots of cats are stubborn about the scratching post versus the furniture. Try putting sticky tape where she scratches the furniture–you can get it at a pet store–that has usually worked for me. And when you catch her scratching the furniture don’t yell just take her to the scratching post. Good luck.

      1. I’ve bee nclapping my hands :0) thanks for the tips. Her places to sleep are the strangest places, we rescued her from living on the streets as a tiny kitten (my poor baby) I’m thinking that may be the reason. She will sleep on my laptop, I’ve caught her sleeping on my oven mitts sitting on the stove…she’s a silly one:0)

    1. Some cats do have the life o’Reily. Teddy sure does…sometimes I would like to trade places with him. But then I think about what he eats and change my mind.

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