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Saturday, be warned pity party ahead…

Sometimes being me isn’t any fun.

I have been tired, cranky, a little depressed, and not especially nice to be around.  In general life has been the pits lately.  So be warned this is a Pity Party for Patricia by Patricia.

I have a chronic health issue, problem, condition, call it what you like I call it IT.  That’s all just IT.  I won’t go into what IT is because that would be really boring.  I bore myself with IT sometimes.

IT is not contagious, or for me disabling, (some are disabled because of IT) or any other of a myriad of horrible things IT could be. IT is not something that will cause my death though I will die with IT. 

I know what caused IT and why IT will never be completely gone.  Lots of people have this same thing to a much greater degree.  I was told that with  surgery few people have close to 100% success, most have a little relief, some have good response and there is a 30% chance the surgery will make IT worse.  I opted to have the surgery and I was fortunate that I had good response and IT is less of a problem than before the surgery.

But you know what?  I am sick and tired of putting on a happy face when I am miserable!

OK, end of Pity Party.

Today, I think is just one of those days…

I am rarely miserable and except for IT I am blessed with good health.

Thanks for listening. Now go on with your day. I feel soooo much better.

30 thoughts on “Saturday, be warned pity party ahead…

  1. I am ready for cake…you did say there was cake right? yum cake I’ll come to the party. I think when you voice your frustrations it helps so I am always available to hop over for some listening (and cake helps) lol

  2. Just catching up on reading the blogs that have mounted up while I have been away and then feeling sorry for myself (not sick but just a cold). I would have come over to your pity party and we could have commiserated with each other, although I do know my cold will be gone very soon now and you have to live with IT (whatever IT is).
    Thanks for choosing to get this off your chest with us your blogging friends. I hope you are feeling better very soon. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Judith.
      i am feeling much better. I am no longer in the pits and back to my “life is good” attitude. I am very grateful for the encouragement I have received from my “neighborhood” blogging friends.
      Colds are a bother but they do make us appreciate the good health we usually enjoy. Hope you are hale and healthy today.

  3. I feel your pain…literally. I totally get it. My heart goes out to you. This was a brave and well done post. Thanks; you said a lot of what I often feel.

    1. McGuffyAnn,
      i don’t know how brave or well written but it was honest. I guess you have your own IT. I am sorry and pray that you find peace. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  4. I’m glad the tirade helped you… or the pity party, or whatever you call it. I’ve lived with a shadow for most of my life… and got to the point where that was the worst possible thing for me… so normally, I hide my personal ‘it’, and never mention it. But this post made me think about it again… and caused me to hope that you would soon feel better and get on to other things. Best wishes.

    1. Shimon, I rarely say anything about IT but after months of puttin’ on a happy face I let the mess fly! I feel much better, at least emotionally and mentally. I think most of us have something of an IT, or shadow as you put it, to some degree that we deal with. Thanks for the visit and comment.

      1. Don’t think I only visit when I leave a like or a comment… sometimes I visit, and have nothing to say… I wrote a poem about it today… in any case, thank you for sharing. I wish you the best.

  5. Thanks for sharing IT. Like the thorn in Paul’s side, we all have our IT, whether we recognize it or not, and like Paul it is okay to wish we didn’t have IT!

  6. 1) You are entitled to get angry at IT every once in a while, tell it off and grieve for the losses it brings; 2) So glad the tirade helps, we’re here to listen when you need us; 3) I’ll bet a good “Teddy Cuddle” will help, and I’ll be he’s a good listener!

    1. Carol, thanks for the encouragement. A good feel sorry for myself rant does work wonders. I never thought of the grieving part. But there are losses that need to be recognized and mourned. Teddy is a sweetie and has been a good boy making me laugh when I think there is nothing to laugh about.

  7. I’m so sorry you have to deal with chronic illness. I know it colors your life in more ways than people with good health can imagine. I hope you feel better… 🙂

    1. Cat, thanks for visiting. I think this may be your first time here–I’m not usually such a downer so come back again and you will see I am really a happy peep and this blog is mostly fun..

      1. Yes, it’s my first time and I will certainly visit again. I’m sure you have your ups and downs and are mostly very happy!! Aren’t we all?? 🙂

  8. I live with a chronic illness, too, and sometimes a pity party is just what you need to find the strength to move ahead. Chronic illness SUCKS! I get tired of putting on a happy face sometimes, and I bore myself with my depression over my illness, too. You are not alone!

    Stopping by from Six Word Saturday

    1. Hi Karen. Chronic stuff is the pits! It does get boring and sometimes depressing. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate your thoughts.

  9. Sometimes we need that – just a little pity party for ourselves. It helps to let it out and just wallow in the misery for a bit. Not too long, but a little bit doesn’t hurt much. When you suffer with something that (isn’t horrifying, but) won’t go away, it can get to you. It’s annoying and irritating, especially when you can almost, but not quite do all that you used to do. And you feel guilty for being down, since it could be worse. But, I think you should just let yourself feel how you feel. It’s natural and okay. I hope you really are feeling better, though! And I like these posts that remind me how it’s okay to be me, and feel these ways sometimes, too.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Michelle. Yes, I am feeling better after my little tirade. I don’t often go the pity party route but when I do it’s big time. And it is wonderful that you are you! There would be a big hole in the world if you weren’t who you are…

  10. Hey, Patricia, `been `dere, done dat“…. only I called these episodes having a “Pity Pat Party!“…..I found if I let myself feel whatever it is that I was feeling those days, and then try to focus on what is `better“ in my life, IT seemed to get better as well! You are not alone, just in a different place….. Be well!

    1. There comes a point when all there is to do is have the pity party. I did it and now it is done with–even if IT is still acting up. Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. love and hugs for your day! Once, a friend whose husband was a truck driver and gone all week, sent the kids and dad to church without her. At church, when someone asked where she was, the kids sang out with, “mom’s home having a pity party!” You go ahead and party like that when you need to. Praying for you as you deal with IT.

    1. I think pity parties are ok as long as you don’t invite the neighborhood. They are best celebrated alone. Thank you for the prayers they are a blessing.

  12. You go girl! A wee pity-party never did anyone any harm… well, unless they were moaning in someones face for a fortnight then maybe they got done-in and hung as a trophy over the living-room fireplace. But even then they could still haunt that miserable selfish sod who just didn’t know how to say, (while giving a cuddle) “Ach, never mind, fancy an ice-cream?”

    Hope you are feeling much better 🙂

    1. I am on the mend and feeling better. I think after awhile nothing is better than a good pity party to get things back on track. And yes ice cream helps!

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