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Tuesday, busy bee days…

Hey Peoples,

I am positively pooped!  IMAG0050

Mama and I have been busy.  We painted our balcony chairs.  Spray painted!


  Our friend,Janyce, created a spray paint monster when she introduce Mama to the joys of spray painting.  Now Mama walks around with a can of spray paint looking for something to attack improve.

And we planted some flowers.


      These are impatiens and something we don’t know the name of, on the left of the frog, in the pot with a crepe myrtle.

These are impatiens and a sweet potato vine. IMAG0086Mama says they would have half a chance if I would stop eating them.  I pretty much leave the others alone so there are some pretty pink flowers with the frog.

IMAG0083  We planted these a while ago so they are looking pretty good.  Mama turned the planter so the plants without flowers don’t show in the picture.  Don’t know what could have happened to those delicious petunias–maybe a pigeon ate them.

And this planter  with the gorgeous grey cat statue.  Mama doesn’t know what these plants are either.  

She thinks she planted the seeds last fall but can’t remember what they were.  She really needs to start writing things down.  She says when it gets flowers we will know what they are.  But I am skeptical. She has her talents but she isn’t a botanist you know.  I do know these leaves also are pretty tasty and I’m looking forward to the flowers.

Then you know Mama had her pity party that she didn’t invite you to but told you about. 


That was a lot of work!  I mean a party can’t last forever.  I had my work cut out for me; getting her back to normal–or what she calls normal.

Now I am just enjoying my well deserved  cat nap.



22 thoughts on “Tuesday, busy bee days…

  1. Nothing like watching work and then having a nap. I like nothing better than seeing a cat stretched out in slumber. Too warm and cozy for words.

  2. Wow Teddy, you are getting big (not fat, big as in tall and long)! I hope you got a good nap. That last picture looks like you have taken up kitty-yoga with your twisted and stretching body. I hope the paint on that first chair wasn’t wet when you tried to climb on it. We don’t have plants in the house because my brother Willie eats them and Mom doesn’t want him to get sick (even though she sometimes threatens him with a poinsettia for Christmas when he is being bad. Watch for my guest birthday post this weekend. I am turning 16 on Saturday!! BIG Party!!! Love, Misty

    1. I am getting big. Mama thinks I am going to be a 12-14 pounder and that she may have to watch that I don’t eat too much and get fat. But I do like my foods and treats.
      I will make sure Mama reads me your birthday post. Wow 16! That is quite pawsome…there is something about mature ladycats that makes my whiskers quiver…

  3. Very informative post, Teddy! I hope you enjoyed your nap after all your work, and I’m glad that your Mama is feeling more normal!

    1. Rumpy, they are really parties you want to avoid–they are best celebrated alone by the host/hostess. The flowers are like my own personal salad bar–don’t tell Mama though.

  4. Hi Teddy, Mollie here. Why didn’t I see catnip? Your mama needs to get you a nice bushy catnip plant! Very nice pots though. I bet you could take a nap in them but mama wouldn’t be happy.

    1. Mollie, Mama would have a dog if I napped in the pots. I know that for a fact and I will post about it one day. Mama hasn’t found any catnip to plant. She says usually the Farmer’s Market has it but so far not this year. Bummer, I do like a little ‘nip.

  5. I like how Teddy keeps sampling things . . .maybe just to make sure they are safe for you to have around! 🙂 The positions he gets into are so cute! Praying you get some rest along with Teddy . . .until the next thing needs attacked!

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