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Saturday, what today will bring…


Who knows what today will bring?

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Well, it is after ten am. I have read the paper, done the crossword puzzle, word jumble, find words within the word.  Read my devotion and had some conversation with you know Who.  Checked email and Facebook.  Fed Teddy, that was the first thing I did, nothing else ever gets done until Teddy is fed, scratched, and in general fussed over.  Now checking out all things WordPress.  And still in my jammies.

My life is pretty routine.  Not many surprises.   And I like it that way.  But I can manage changes, even the ones I don’t want or like.  I may rant and whine occasionally–or as often as I feel it is needed to release toxins in my brain–but really I can roll with the punches.

Today my to-do list is in order–for all the good that will do.  My day plotted and planned, sort of.  Really, think about it.  Who knows what today will bring?  Nobody.

Today, I think that since yesterday isn’t anymore, tomorrow never is, and today is all I have, I will just take it as it happens and be happy.


22 thoughts on “Saturday, what today will bring…

  1. Good plan! This was a busy week for me and off plan on almost every day it seemed. But I tried to roll with the mental punches as best I could (for me). I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, but oh well.

    1. Good that you got done what you could and didn’t beat yourself up over what didn’t get done. What doesn’t get done one day will be there another.

  2. Routine is comforting and secure, ruts are boring. Even wearing jammies a little later than usual is enough to alter the status quo to keep from boring yourself. Glad you are enjoying your day!

  3. Oh I liked the idea of routines being good, but ruts being not so good! That helps me. We have a lot of routines . ..haha! And a very simple life, that doesn’t bore me, but might put someone else in tears. 🙂 My special needs daughter always has to have a plan for the day. She will ask each night or mid day, “what’s tomorrow”? I’m planning to have a good day with you, whatever it brings!

  4. My life is pretty routine also, and I find it rather boring. I want to break out of my rut, but I am having difficulty making that happen. I hope that soon changes.

    1. Rumpy, routines are good–ruts not so much. I hope you find your way out of the rut quickly and have some happy changes–like today would be good.

  5. [ Smiles ] You could break routine by reading a novel before breakfast.

    Thanks again for sharing your enjoyable post!

  6. Wisdom is proved right by her actions! You are one wise woman Patricia. Have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. Elizabeth, The day so far has been good and I expect it continue so. And I am a woman and I am Patricia as for wise–hmmm–maybe sometimes but more often not so much.
      Be blessed today.

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