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Saturday, about the heat…

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It’s hot I mean 108* hot!

sweltering heat wave grips large chunk of the nation_3840_800557262_0_0_7052095_300

Fry an egg hot-that hot.


This place is a comfortable spot.


This is a good spot, too


But I dream of this place.


But this is where I am


Unlike here it will cool down.


So I will be happy here.


 At least, today, I’m gonna try!

14 thoughts on “Saturday, about the heat…

    1. Susan, It is raining and hailing and thundering now. But I think it will be just as hot when it stops. So much for summer in SC.

  1. You are a genius! Just loved all the six word captions to the pictures that shared about what is going on right now . .. hot! Take cares!

    1. We are supposed to be hotter tomorrow and Monday…really I don’t think there is much difference felt by our bodies whether 105* or 108*

    1. Shimon, that is true, it gets cold in the desert sometimes. We were blessed with the mildest winter so the summer seems brutal.

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