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Monday, thinking about some things…

Well, it is Monday and I have been the_thinking_cat_largethinking about a couple of things.

I was checking my stats–don’t roll your eyes–you do it, too.  Anyway, I looked to see how many followers I have these days.  I know how many there were last week.  And today there is one less! 

296622-bigthumbnail I  wonder where they went–and why?  Did I offend?  Nah, this is a pretty inoffensive blog.  Have I been boring?  Maybe.  I mean you can’t be amazing all the time.  Really, I have a hard time being interesting all the time.  Did they decide to dump the computer, or ban blogs in general, or move to the North Pole or Mars or somewhere exotic and don’t have internet access? 

I have to admit there are some blogs I have stopped following. If there are no posts for months or if all the posts are forever long–an occasional epic is ok but not every post–I will stop following. Sometimes it turns out that the blog just isn’t for me and I stop following. That happens and maybe that is the reason for my lost follower.  Maybe I need a blog satisfaction survey that people can take when they opt out so I will know what I need to do to be a better blog hostess.

medalThe other thing I have thought about is awards.  I have been the fortunate recipient of several awards.  I had them on the side bar for a while then I put them on a page that you could get from the top menu thingie.  But I have taken that page off. 

I have been truly appreciative when someone honored me with an award but I don’t blog for awards.  The only recognition I hope for is that people will read what I write and  let me know with “likes” and comments that they have stopped by for a visit.


When someone chooses to follow this blog it is the most wonderful of compliments and I am truly humbled.   Thank you!  No other award is desired.

And now…

Today, I think…biggerI need to be thinking about what to write for my next post…

16 thoughts on “Monday, thinking about some things…

  1. Well, I stopped by your blog because it was linked to another blog I follow of a friend of mine. I read that you lost a follower and decided I would get your number back up to where it was!!! Plus, I liked what I read 🙂

    1. Hey Darlene! Thanks for coming by to see me. I am happy that you like what you see here and that you have decided to follow. Where was the link the brought you here?

  2. I can’t imagine anyone unfollowing you for anything bad. Maybe they just don’t blog anymore. I have only unfollowed two people, both because I just couldn’t continue to support them. One was just a particularly mean kind of person, very self-centered and judgmental and just…mean. I would hate to not get your posts anymore!

    I follow by email, and there have been a couple of people who post every single day, one who posts loooonnngg posts every single day, so I just opted out of the email part. That way, I can still be a follower and check in every now and then through Reader, but not be inundated with emails I don’t have time for.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. You are always so supportive! I appreciate your comments, they are sometimes funny and often thought provoking.

      I don’t follow anyone by email. I get soooo many emails as it is more would seem oppressive. Computers are great but time consuming…

  3. I’m with you all the way. Awards are nice but not the reason for blogging. It’s the like-minded people you meet that counts. Sometimes, I’m too busy to post and have found myself not following some blogs after a time because they don’t interest me or have changed also. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Tess. It is hard to keep up with all the blogs I like. I try to post everyday but do miss a day here and there. I don’t know how those with full-time jobs and families do it. I am trying to be more disciplined with my time on the computer–but I am obviously not a very disciplined person.

    1. Thanks, JE. I check in with you every post. Since I am trying to limit my computer time I don’t comment as much as I used to. But I do visit…

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Your comments are always encouraging. Not planning on going anywhere. I found I really like this blogging thing. As for changing–I am not very good with change–I try to go with the flow but if the river runs too fast I want back on shore!

  4. I’m still here! Love your little thoughts for the day and my cats love the “Teddy posts.” I have seen less hits in the past month on my blog and sometimes odd hits. I will look at the stats and someone read my last seven posts! I just assume they were camping without internet for a month. One thing I found about blogging is that you make connections and then people stop blogging and I have a sense of loss. There were three bloggers that I communicated with a lot back and forth and I have no idea where they went. I miss them. But then again, you get new folks who are different and fun.

    1. Kate, I am glad you are still here! It is always good to have a comment/like from you. And Teddy is quite smug about his pawlowers.

      It is interesting how we become friends through blogging. I have also lost a couple of blog friends and wonder where they are if they are ok.

      I have told my friend, who is going to handle things when I die, to write that I have moved on to the big blog in the sky. Really, but not anytime soon, I hope. I have also thought about writing a final post and having her out it on the blog.

  5. Patricia, I think you have vocalized the feelings of many bloggers right now. Perhaps another possibility is simply more sunlight, warmer temperatures and vacations (at least in the U.S. I, for one, am still here and still reading…

    1. Carol, I agree that this time of year, like the Christmas season, there is less traffic on blogs. I have a hard time keeping up sometimes and rather than comment I will often simply “like” to let someone know I visited.

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