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Thursday, sometimes I need a prompt…


This blog  Steadily Skipping Stones really got my attention.  It asks, if you could go back in time what would you say to yourself?

I left this as a comment:

“Patricia, just be yourself, who you are.  Don’t try to be who and what others expect or want you to be.  You have been given this gift of your life–not another’s–yours.
The journey will be good and bad, easy and hard, filled with love and loss, happiness and sorrow.  Some times will be exciting and others boring, some scary and some joyous.  You will feel empty at times and filled to overflowing at times.  There will be seasons of clarity and light and seasons of confusion and darkness.
Much of life will be tough.  You will make mistakes–a couple of really big ones.  Remember it’s a journey, there will be times to rest but not to stop.  Ask forgiveness, forgive others, forgive yourself, then go on.
You will not just survive but you will flourish.  You will never be forsaken or alone and there will be wonderful blessings beyond anything you can imagine.  Go–live your life.”


Today, I am thankful for Michelle and her thought-provoking post that reminded me of things I have let slip my mind.

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