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Saturday, comfort food is good medicine…

 Comfort foods are the best medicine.

Really, it’s true.  Sometimes all I need is some comfort food.  What that consists of depends on the type comfort I need.

When I have had a tiring day with lots of little glitches-nothing-went-the-way-I-planned-or-wanted-day, I need,

macbeansmacaroni and cheese and baked beans.  Hearty-stick- to-your-ribs-savory-good-ole-remember-mom-food.

If I have had that I-just-feel-“icky”-out-of-sorts-feel-sorry-for-myself-down-in-the-dumps day I make myself, quaker-oatmeal A bowl of this with cinnamon on it makes the “icky” go away–or at least makes it more tolerable.

Sometimes, all I need is a plate of French fries with more salt than is necessary–or healthy

Fries to make the world go round the right way again.




Of course, there are those days that nothing works–except…




I bought some of this today—just in case…


Today, I think pharmaceuticals are over-rated.

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28 thoughts on “Saturday, comfort food is good medicine…

  1. Comfort foods… ahhh yes! I go to Cracker Barrell for “mom’s home cooking”… like potroast with mashed potatotes, lots of gravy, carrots, and bisquits! But when it comes to stress eating or my day needs an emotional boost… it’s chocolate every time, and warm brownies are BEST!

  2. Yep, drugs may be overrated, but lately I’ve had so many comfort food days I’m going to need medicine just to deal with the after effects of that! Here’s hoping you don’t *need* any of this stuff any time soon, but can just enjoy it just because. 😉

    1. Cheri,
      I’ve been there done that. Thankfully not in a long time. Comfort food works fine these days. Maybe a benefit of age?

  3. As I read your post, and now, I am eating my own comfort food. Walnuts. I love them, and I feel great. I am also listening to some fine Jazz on the radio. Wishing you the same kind of evening that I’m having.

  4. Dear Patricia…We have so much in common you and me. I love ice-cream and fries, even together. Oatmeal, mac and cheese. All you need is a little back dress and ballet flats and we could be twins. Of course I would need whiskers and a tail but detail can always be worked out.

    Your friend Susannah

    1. Susannah, Yes, we seem to have stuff in common and could be twins–except–I am not thin and have flappy arms and any little black dress must be a medium with at least 3/4 sleeves.

  5. ….and some days you just chow down on the whole meal deal…. one for brekkie, lunch and dinner….. and what’s left over can be for snacks!!! LOL

    1. I know for a fact that pharmaceuticals are needed–but they aren’t the end all of medicine. Comfort food and hugs add to there effectiveness.

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