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Saturday, a black cat named Dolly…

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Yesterday was Black Cat Appreciation Day.

I did not know this until late last night.  If I had known I would have written about Dolly yesterday.  She was my black catkid and I appreciated her.  Most of the time.  She was a brat cat.

Still I loved her and miss her big time.

She had an attitude for surePhoto084

She like to get up close and personal.

  I was her mama from the time she was 6 weeks old until she died at 19.

dollyprofilejust a couple of days before she died.

She was a petite girl.  Never weighed more than 7 pounds.  Dolly had tiny feet and beautiful big round gold eyes and a white spot on her chest that I always thought of as her jewelry.


Right up until the end she was a cat of great energy.  Every night she had a zoomie spaz attack.  She would run from room to room over furniture on counters; from bed to table to sofa up and down the hallway all at full speed.  It took awhile but I did get her to understand that she could not run up the curtains and jump from the rod to the floor.


  It also took awhile for her to learn that she could not sleep on the lampshade.  She would settle herself on the metal part of the shade that attached it to the harp.  There were a couple of broken lamps before that lesson was learned.


She could be lovable and she could be–not so lovable–aren’t we all like that?

Photo279It was ok to read but not if the book got in her way.

Every night she slept snuggled up against my side.


I miss my Dolly.


22 thoughts on “Saturday, a black cat named Dolly…

  1. Brat cat. I LOVE it. I also know we cannot help being attached to a brat cat (I happen to have one now). It’s the snuggling that makes up for it or the times she looked you right in the eye. All serious. I’ve had four cats, two by two in the past 32 years. Sorry to hear Dolly is gone.

    1. I guess cats are like children–no two are alike. Having a brat cat keeps you on your toes! But so sweet when they want to be.

  2. I can’t imagine how much you miss her. She was such a love! I only had Mr. Hiiggins for a short while and I still miss him.

  3. Beatiful post that made my eyes wet and gooey! She looks like Lacey my long gone black cat. She also had that white splatch on her chest that looked like a necklace. I have Jake now (all black) and I really think that black cats are different. I understand they are harder to adopt out but they certainly have personality and a touch of naughtiness.

  4. What a beautiful kitty with cattitude! She reminds me of my Willie, especially the wild streaks through the house. Willie’s usually come at 3 AM! Thanks for sharing Dolly with us.

    1. What makes some cats go crazy at some point everyday–or night? Teddy does it once in a while but on schedule like Dolly. 3am would be really hard on the patience. Good thing you love Willie.

  5. What a special girl. Thank you for sharing her with us, Patricia. Each kitty is so unique and full of personality. We just can’t imagine life without our kitties! Do you just have Teddy now?

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