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Thursday, walking through danger…

It has been so very hot this summer that I haven’t taken many walks. 

But a couple of days ago there was a break in the heat and I ventured out for a stroll.

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This is a street I walk down often when I take a walk–which wasn’t often this summer.

A few blocks into my walk I saw this blocking the sidewalk.


Obviously a warning that something hazardous or unsafe or there may even be danger ahead.

So,  I carefully avoided the dangerous barricade and walked off the sidewalk and onto the grass and around the barricade and back onto the sidewalk.  I continued walking until I came to a second barricade and again carefully walked around it.

Then I began to wonder why there were signs indicating there was a hazardous or unsafe area on the sidewalk .   I turned around to survey where I had been and saw the reason for the barricades.

Yes, in my ditziness I walked through wet cement.


It’s been so long since I took a walk that I guess I am out of practice.

Today, I think I am thankful that I was unobserved being a ditz, I didn’t hear anyone laughing–or cursing, and that it was just wet cement and not a hole being dug to China. That would have been a hazardous unsafe danger.

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 I know it is still Wednesday but this is Thursday’s post and I know it is Two Shoes Tuesday but we have until Friday to post it.  Oh, the prompt for TST this week is danger.  

20 thoughts on “Thursday, walking through danger…

  1. That’s too funny! I’ve always wanted to leave prints of some kind in wet cement, so I’m kind of glad you got to do it without realizing – that’s probably the only way I’d ever get to leave an impression like that.

  2. I was a mail carrier for 19 years, so had my share of ditzy walking moments. 🙂 I remember one of my fellow carriers telling how they had walked through the fresh painted lines on the road one day, leaving a little trail of foot prints behind. Is there no place safe to walk these days??? God bless you as you leave your print on this world!

    1. A mail carrier for 19 years! That’s a lot of hard work. If the worse hazards we encounter on our walks are wet cement and paint we are blessed.

  3. Just wonderful! Delightfully funny! This is SO something I would do. I am very absent-minded when out and about. I’ve been known to drive by family hoping for a ride and to drive past my road and continue on down the highway before realizing my error! How funny that you left your indelible mark on the pavement. And I loved the smiling kitty pic of same! The perfect smiles to end my day with. Next time you go walking perhaps we should send someone with you, don’t want you falling down a manhole clear to China! LOL Thank you so much for participating in Two Shoes Tuesday! 🙂

    1. When out for a walk I do sometimes find myself in my own little world and give my guardian angel a workout for sure. Looking forward to next Tuesday prompt.

  4. Oh no…..that’s bad, but funny. Just imagine what the guys that poured that cement were thinking the next day!!!!

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