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Saturday, a box of memories…

Ma,Willie, and me

Ma, Willie, and me, being silly.

Today I was going through a box of old photographs.  Not something I especially wanted to do but I have two boxes that came from my parent’s house that are just bothering me.  They have been my closet for years. My mother died more than 30 years ago and my father, 17 years ago.  When we sold my parent’s house I took the boxes.  My brother, Willie, and I went through the pictures and he took the ones he wanted.  Later I sorted through them again and sent some to my older brother that I thought would mean something to him.  Then I put it all away in the closet.  Today one of them was opened.

Today, 15 years since I last looked in the box, I sorted and  threw a bunch of the pictures away.  Pictures that were so faded they were hard to make out, or so out of focus they were worthless. Many were of people I have no idea of who they were and there is no one left to ask.  Kind of sad, two boxes of family history forgotten.

I didn’t remember this picture and have no memory of the day it was taken.  I think I was about four and that would make Will three.  We look happy don’t we?  I can’t ask them because they are gone.  I guess we were happy…I don’t remember…

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21 thoughts on “Saturday, a box of memories…

  1. I always feel so sad for the old photographs you find in thrift stores and “antique shoppes” that are really kind of just junk stores with high prices. Those people existed once, they were alive and real, they were loved. But so many souls have walked this earth, and the vast majority of those lives are memories to no one.

    I guess I subconsciously understand that those old pictures are proof that we exist here for only a short time, and things we treasure here will surely loose their value in the end.

    1. Unless we become famous for one thing or another, once there is no one left who remembers us, I guess we do cease to exist–at least in the world. Nice to know we never cease to exist in Heaven.

  2. an answer to your question about Lucy:
    Lucy showed up in our neighborhood shortly before Christmas in 2010. No one knew where she came from- and we were catless – so we took her in. (we always said when our last cat had passed away after 17 years that another cat would find us ) She was about 8 months old, in heat and a bit feral. Who knows where she came from or what she had experienced. We had her checked for a micro-chip-no such luck. So we had her spayed, all her shots and have kept her inside as she gets quite feral if you let her out. She is allowed to go out on the balcony and that’s it. We believe she is a Korat as she matches the description physically and temprementally. She is rather high strung and fiercely independent.

  3. We are going through old photos and sharing them with my father who has Altzheimer’s. He does remember everyone of his classmates and we are writing them down. Too bad you didn’t get that chance.

    1. Everyone should try to get the names and dates and place of each photo and to try to have a little about what was happening, if you can. Once a generation is gone so are their memories and they can’t be brought back.

  4. That’s a fantastic photograph Patricia. What I’d give to have some family photos. We have very few and some of the few we did have went missing somewhere??? You all look like you were having so much fun. There is light and laughter in your eyes that is just precious. And Will looks like a bundle of pure joy. 🙂

    1. I think we were happy at that time. Will was a sweet little boy and before he got sick a sweet man. I miss his laughter…it was wonderful.

  5. I recently went through old photos with my brother. I kept saying, “Oh my God, Aunt Hilda was beautiful. Aunt Mary was so young! …..” I was born 20 years later than my cousins so my memory of my aunts and uncles is that of old people. I was stunned to see how young and beautiful everyone was! I love old photos. I just wish we had more.

    1. It is a surprise to see the old folks in their youth. They are usually beautiful and healthy and happy….I will send you some of my old pictures. I have another big box of them still to sort through… 🙂

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