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Tuesday, I’ve got a secret…

Hi Peoples,

Guess what!  I’ve got a secret so I get to do the Two Shoes Tuesday post!

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I have lots of toys and Mama put my favorites in a basket for me.


There is M’Deer and my feather fluffy, my scrunchy brown paper bag, my sock with nip in it, my fish, and my strawberry cake puff.  And of course, my big white ball.  What you don’t see in the basket is my very very most favorite toys in the whole world!

My multi-color soft fuzzy balls, 3 of them, are not in the basket.
There would be a picture of them here

But I hid them. 

That’s a great game to play with Mama, I hide them in a secret place and she tries to find them.  I hid them so well this time that she can’t find them at all!  She has looked everywhere!

I hid them in a very special secret place.

 So secret that I can’t find them.

It’s a little bit upsetting.  But Mama says not to worry;  before she comes home from work tomorrow she will go to the store and buy me some new multi-color soft fuzzy balls. 

I hope she doesn’t forget.  If I had my own phone I could text her and remind her.

23 thoughts on “Tuesday, I’ve got a secret…

  1. You know Teddy, I was thinking, if you had your own phone you could call me. I’d sure like that. I’m almost positive your mom won’t forget to bring home those fuzzy wuzzy doodads you like so much. Just a hunch.

    1. Meowzer! I didn’t think about all the people I could call. I would call you–you could give me tips about modeling. I already know I need a better photographer but maybe there are some tips I could give her…

  2. Hi Teddie, Mollie here. I don’t play much with toys anymore, except for wadded up bags, big fat rubber bands and the occasional moving insect but Hazel still does. We just did a major renovation that involved moving all the furniture and we all found at least 20 mousies! Hazel was in her glory!

    1. I don’t know about renovations and mousies. Maybe you could tell Mama about them. The mousies, I mean. Major anything is not something I want to see around here. Mama needs here calm place.

  3. Secret hiding places, I call them ‘stashes’, often become places were lost stuff hides. You cat is pretty, Patricia. Our Amber has some of those fuzzy balls. Amber lives upstairs but her fuzzy balls will come flying over the loft banister every now and then.

    1. Teddy is a wonderful cat. He is 11 months old. I got him at a shelter when he was about 4 months. He had a rough start in life but is thriving now.

      I hope there is a picture of Amber on your blog one day so I can see her. I am crazy for catkids.

  4. Poor Teddy. Don’t worry. Mama’s never forget.

    Next time I do a good cleaning, I know I shall find lots of missing kitty toys too. I keep re-buying her favourites because they hide or are lost OR are hidden.

  5. *lol* Been there, done that. Chloe Jo had a favourite orange felt mouse. They were inseparable. We even called it Joey Joe. Suddenly it disappeared! She was inconsolable for the longest time. If I ever find another like it; it’s hers.

    1. Poor Chloe Jo. Joey Joe must have been very special to have a name and everything. I hope someday you find another. I would not like it if I never had another soft fuzzy ball.

  6. I loved seeing your favorite toys, Teddy! Hang in there until Momma gets home with the soft fuzzy ones. . .maybe several packs of them in case the secret place keeps them again!

  7. Teddy, this was delightful! You and I would get along so well, I often have the same problem, putting things away in safe, secret places and then being able to find them again or remember where they are! I think your game of hide the ball is wonderfully fun, and I have no doubt that Mama will be sure to come home with new balls for you to hide. Maybe someday she will find the old ones and you’ll have six!! I’m so glad you shared your secret with us for Two Shoes Tuesday, thanks! 🙂

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