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Monday, it’s a rant, sort of..


Here is a bit of a rant.  You don’t have to read it.  It’s not a big deal. But this issue is bugging me. 

Yes, to me it is an issue. 

Well, sort of an issue.

I have a problem with having to take eighteen steps to post a comment on a blog–that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But some blogs have lots of stuff you have to do before you can actually post a comment.  This is so irritating.


I mean, really,

  • name–required,
  • email–required,
  • web address–not required but hey go ahead and put it there  it’s a link.
  • Write your comment–must do if you want to comment, bloggers are not mind readers and that’s the whole point of what you are trying to doing.
  •  Then there is a test of sorts–this gets me outta sorts, not a good thing–where you have to copy the words and numbers shown in a box.  These words and numbers look like they were written by a three year old on speed.
  • If you don’t get it right then new words and numbers show up and you try again.  If I have to do this more than twice I say forget it you don’t get my wise and witty comment on your blog.

images (6)

I know there is a problem with spam and I guess some blogs have a big problem with it.  But really, is it necessary to go all through this just to say I liked what you said and why or whatever?  So far I have had little problem with spam on my blogs but then I have  little blogs.  I did have one person that I have blocked because he–I think he was a he–was getting kinda creepy.  images (8)

Anyway, if you want to comment here or on my other blog, Day of Grace, please do.  No hoops or tests or rites need to be done just write your comment and click–all done.

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Okay, I feel better.

24 thoughts on “Monday, it’s a rant, sort of..

  1. I know, I already found it irksome if you had to fill in your name, website, and address but today I found a blog where it was all that plus i had to put in two different security codes! I don’t get it…well I do, but really?

  2. The pictures kill me. Where do you find them and cats, are their expressions priceless or what? About the blog issue, do you have wordpress bookmarked on your computer? That might make it a little easier. It goes right to your page. I do enjoy what you post. It’s a lesson in quality for me. I tend to go overboard in length. Rants are good…they cleanse the air.

    1. Thank you Susannah. I am glad you enjoy what I am thinking on any given day. I don’t know how high the quality is but I have been having fun.

  3. Well said, Patricia. I tend to abandon such sites for greener fields. Life is too short to play games like . . . See How Many Hoops You Can Jump Through! 😀

  4. Amen sister! I often give up after an initial attempt to comment if there is a lot of stuff to do. I actually don’t know what shows up on my blog (guess I should test it on another computer!). I’d also like to add that sometimes people don’t have the like button on their blog. There are times especially when there are already several comments, that I don’t have anything new to add but would like to click a ‘like button’ so the writer knows that the post was appreciated.

    1. The “like” button gets some flak because it is used in stead of commenting. But sometimes, like you I have nothing to add, or I don’t have the time to do much more than read but would like the poster to know I visited.

  5. I think this is an issue for self-hosted blogs, where they have to deal with spam on their own. Mostly, I don’t have much come up in my spam folder, but one week, I had about 20 or 30 daily. So on the one hand, I get it. But I have walked away from commenting on those blogs, too. One had a number in a tiny box in front of the usual squiggly and barely recognizable letters. It took me three tries til I realized that was part of it. Why can’t they just make it a little less squiggly? I don’t mind doing it, but it shouldn’t be so hard that you have to do it five times before you finally get it right!

    1. Sometimes in the spam folder I will have a dozen or more messages–no problem to delete them. I think I am not patient enough to deal with extra stuff–some days I barely get blogs read.

  6. I agree. I won’t waste my time with all that performance. I’d rather let akismet deal with the spam and I’ll handle the rest rather than annoy my readers.

  7. Mine is set up so that after an initial approval the person comments without roadblocks. I don’t understand why all the roadblocks would be deemed necessary. If an undesirable comments just spam. One friend requires a specific ID code to enter and comment from each of his followers. Doesn’t seem he has very many as who wants to remember that for each blog? If my wp ID is not adequate then forget it, I follow 150 blogs.

    1. I wonder if some people are paranoid about spam–that it might be hackers or something like that. I did have a little problem with an account once but it had nothing to do with WordPress.

  8. I see this rant popping up with many bloggers and I agree with it. I prefer commenting to be easy once I’ve taken the time to enter a comment.

    1. Time is the problem. If I have to do the extra steps it makes it harder to get to all the blogs I want to read and perhaps comment. On WordPress you can set up a screening thingie for the first time someone posts to discourage the unwanteds and weed out trolls. If I were to have big spam problems I would start with that.

  9. I know . .I feel bad, but I just kind of end up not going to those blogs. 😦 Wish it could be faster and easier. And I’m so glad you “ranted”, because I never knew you had another blog! 🙂 Must go see!

    1. It bothers me because sometimes I do want to say something to the blogger–hard to encourage when you are treated with suspicion…

  10. I whole-heartedly agree with your rant Patricia. I hate those Crypta or whatever they are called tests. I walk away if it doesn’t go through the first time. Maybe we’re just blessed, but I really don’t have spam problems either. WordPress takes care of all that.

    1. I don’t have problems here either. Most of the difficult to comment blogs are on another platform. Maybe there is more spammy stuff there.

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