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Thursday, and the word is illusion…

very thin delicate tulle of silk or nylon having a cobwebbed appearance,
used for dresses and trimmings

and for


Bridal Veils

A bridal veil covering the face is a symbol of virginity, purity, or modesty.

Long ago when a bride and groom were pronounced man and wife sometimes her father would go forward and lift her veil signifying that he was giving the daughter he has cherished and protected to her husband.  If the groom lifted the veil what was meant was that he was taking possession of her.

When the bride wore a veil covering her face it also symbolized that the groom was taking her as his wife for her inner beauty that would not fade or be diminished unlike the outer beauty that would fade.

something that deceives by producing a false and misleading impression of reality

Not many brides wear a face veil anymore.

Today, I think I like the the bit about the father of the bride giving to the groom the daughter that he has cherished and protected.  But, I definitely don’t like the groom taking possession of her.  What was she a horse?  And I think the unveiling of the inner beauty versus the outer is quite lovely.

The comment about today’s brides and veils is somewhat facetious…
but it is true.

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16 thoughts on “Thursday, and the word is illusion…

  1. I had a different thought about the husband lifting the veil–that he was taking her to cherish and protect. Slavery and horse trading didn’t even register! Actually, they still don’t. I guess I’m a romantic!

  2. Forgive me, but you really made me laugh. The piece is so pure and filled with lovely practically extinct traditions then POW…What is she a horse? Funny when I didn’t see it coming. Like when that happens.

    I knew none of that so thanks. Teddy, I know you wouldn’t get caught dead in a veil but I’d lift it to give your nose a little tweak.

    1. I am glad I was not around when women were valued like horses. Old horses become nags then they are sent to the glue factory, you know.

    1. That possessing thing makes me snort and snarl. Not a pretty thing but neither is the thought of one person possessing another. I believe that is called slavery.

    1. Thanks, Tess. There are so many traditions and superstitions and rites that revolve around weddings. You would think getting married wouldn’t be so complicated.

  3. This was a lovely take on the prompt, Patricia, one that never occured to me! I love the traditional veils with face covering, it was so pretty, a softening effect. So often with today’s brides, beauty takes second place to looking “hot” for the occassion. I suppose purity and modesty are long forgotten concepts, for the most part, but I like to think they had value. I agree with you about fathers and veils/husbands and veils! This was a fun read, and a sweet reminder of the way life used to be! Thanks for joining me for Two Shoes Tuesday!

    1. This was a hard word, Josie. But once I got to thinking about my years working for a formal wear company came into play…

  4. It’s interesting to see the root of all those old traditions and how our mindset has changed over the years. Laura Ingalls Wilder got married in a black dress. I didn’t know until last year or so that the white wedding dress that is supposedly to represent purity and virginity came into popularity as a means of expressing wealth – that the bride’s family could afford a dress (a white dress that couldn’t be used for anything else) that would be worn only once. Laura’s black dress was special in a way, but it was to be serviceable and certainly re-usable. I don’t know how I got from veils to dresses, but here I am. Anyway, I liked reading your thoughts and notes on illusions!

    1. I worked for a formal wear company for many years, tuxedos and bridals. There are so many relatively new traditions that have come to be. I did know about the dresses. Really the money spent on weddings is unbelievable. If I was getting married I’d rather have the money for a down payment on a house…but then I am not a young woman in love. Actually, I am not on old woman in love either…

      1. Hahaha, you make me laugh! A nice wedding is…nice, I guess. But truly, you are too right – they are over the top ridiculous expense at this point. But I do love watching all those expensive wedding tv shows 🙂

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