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Monday, house or home…

The Plinky prompt today was to pick a random word, do a Google image search of that word, pick the eleventh image, and write about what whatever the image brings to mind.

I chose the word HOME and this was the eleventh image

images (29)

What this image brought to mind was that home is not the house but the people of your heart who enter it.

We spend a lot of time and money making our houses look good.  They become status symbols; showing the world how successful, talented, important we are in the world.

What the world thinks of our house has little to do with it being our home.

12 thoughts on “Monday, house or home…

      1. That’s interesting, and for some reason you just made me think of relationships, too. I think people sometimes view their relationships that way – like what does it get them, how does it benefit, how does it raise them in other people’s esteem or opinion. Or just using people for advancement or some other reason – not really appreciating the relationship or cultivating the personal aspect, which is where the real reward is.

        1. I think more often people stay away from some people and don’t get to know them because they are unlike themselves. I know I have been guilty of this and to my regret. Thanks for the insight.

  1. How true. I too feel grateful every day for a roof over my head especially after Hurricane Sandy flew through. My little 1899 building stood its ground without one thing going wrong. Home, it reflects everything that we are. Isn’t that right Teddy?

    1. I have been thinking about you and praying that all is well with you. So glad to hear your home is safe and sound. Teddy agrees that there is no place like home. He was an abandoned kitten someone found and took to a shelter–where we found each other. So he knows the blessing of having a home not just a building to live in.

  2. I love your thoughts about home, Patricia. I’m so thankful for having a “home”, someplace safe to be, with my family. God bless you and your home too!

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