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Saturday, I did it…

I’ve checked things off the list!

You know the dreaded to-do list.

A friend and I went shopping and I got stuff I needed to have to actually do something on the list.

  • Teddy has a spiffy new placemat for his dishes
  •  the bathroom has a new shower rod (not really a new rod but a cover for the old rod so it looks new) and new hooks for the shower curtain.
  •  I also got some things I needed to start Christmas gifts so I am good to go those projects.
  • new extension cord so I can plug all the techie things that need to be charged every night.
  •  got a haircut.
  • took an over due book back to the library.
  • took a package to the Fed Ex pick up place.

A very good couple of days.

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16 thoughts on “Saturday, I did it…

  1. It does feel good to get things crossed off the lists! I wish I could get motivated to cross off some of mine…like my closet cleaning that I keep putting off. Ugh!

    1. I have a hard time getting started on things. I can find all kinds of distractions to keep me from accomplishing anyway. Closets are especially hard because they are behind closed doors.

  2. S-T-R-E-T-C-H. ahhhh. now you can relax. phew. How did you get the cat to pose stretching? Funny.

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