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Tuesday, Teddy has some news…

Hi Peoples!

Guess what…don’t even try…this is so unbelievable you will never guess it.

I am working on my own blog!

Mama has to help cause I don’t have fingers and so can’t type.

Anyway, I am putting it all together and will let you know when I am online. 

It’s a bit of work, you know.  Lots to think about; theme, and background, about page, stuff like that.

 Mama’s cautiously mildly sort of going forward with the idea.

But I am excited. 

So excited I am worn out!

21 thoughts on “Tuesday, Teddy has some news…

  1. Oh Teddy, what a great idea. Best news ever. i can’t wait till it’s up and running. I hope you tell us everything and that includes your romantic adventures. I know you’re just a kid, but you’re awfully handsome so I know you turn a few tails.

  2. Yah, Teddy. Don’t put too much emphasis on pressure or fur balls. You can make it with Momma’s help. Maurice and Lucy (my cats) cant wait. Meow. Just love the pictures of Teddy.

    1. Tell Maurice and Lucy that I am working on getting Mama moving on the setting up stuff so I can get down to business. I can hardly wait to meet them.

    1. Miss Tess, Mama is the thinker. I just wanna have fun meowing with all the peoples. If it gets stressful I will leave Mama to it and I will take a nap.

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