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Thursday, forgetting, finding, forgetting…

I have too much stuff.
Really, I do.

Today I was looking for something and as I was looking I found something I didn’t remember having.  What I founds was a pair of curtains I had used in my bedroom a few years ago.  I got tired of them and put them in the closet.  Over time they were moved farther back behind and deeper under all the other stuff I have.

When I found them I was quite happy because I was getting tired of the way the window was looking.

images (87)

 Actually I am tired of they way the whole room looks but can’t decide what to do to change the look.  At least nothing comes to mind that isn’t going to cost too much for the budget to bear just now. I am saving for new kitchen counter tops…but that’s another story.

images (85)

You aren’t surprised that I don’t have a piggy bank, are you?

Anyway, I found the curtains, ironed them, put them up, and Voila!  New look.  Really an old look but it has been so long that it seems new to me.

Now if I could just remember what I was looking for when I found the curtains.

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9 thoughts on “Thursday, forgetting, finding, forgetting…

  1. I know just what you’re talking about!! I got rid of so much stuff this summer at a yard sale, and still I have cabinets and closets full of stuff. But it is fun to find things you’d forgotten you owned, isn’t it? 🙂 And that little bit of change with “new” curtains makes things feel new and happy.

    1. I remember the yard sale. Lots of work doing that. Sometimes when a friend has a yard sale I join in…I don’t have a yard. But most stuff goes to Goodwill.

  2. I’m so glad that the curtains worked out . ..even if that wasn’t what you were looking for! Now, hoping what you were looking for comes back to you! (as I go to see what I can find and use like it’s new!)

  3. This post is gonna make people hang on to “clutter” . . . thinking that they might possibly need it some day. 😉

    Love the last pic . . . what an expression.

    1. Oh dear,I hope not. I have been trying to unclutter. If I was less cluttered I would have known about the curtains and where whatever it was I was looking for in the first place.
      I think the last cat is a keeper…you will no doubt see it again.

  4. Ah, that’s familiar…finding something very interesting that I had forgotten I even had…and then forgetting what it was that I was looking for in the first place… ah, my own memory bank shrinks.

    1. Whatever I was looking for seemed important but I have no idea what I was looking for or even why! I am not sure I have a memory bank.

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