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Saturday, waiting for a word…

Finding my word for the year.

Every year I have a word for the year.  It is a spiritual thing.

 I am given a word and usually a scripture with the word in it and I spend time throughout the year thinking about, studying, praying, and meditating on the word.  

praycat.jpg When I say I am given a word, or sometimes a phrase, I don’t mean it is given to me in an eerie or metaphysical way.  Sometimes it comes to me from something I read or something someone says  that resonates or I see something that stops me and makes me take notice.  However I get the word it is always a surprise.


In the past some of my words have been, boundaries, seek, wait, and courage.

Usually I start getting a feeling for the word in the fall and by this time I know what it will be for the coming year.

 But so far this year…nothing.

images (93)

 Not even a whisper or hint.

I don’t know why this year is different.  But I do know there will be a word.

 I feel a sort of stirring or shifting within, change.  There is a sense of excitement brewing. What is ahead for me to learn and experience through this word?  But also a sense of wariness.  Maybe the lessons of the past words were to prepare me for more difficult lessons?  Lessons that are more challenging?  Lessons that I thought I had learned but haven’t?  Lessons that I have avoided  because they are difficult or will hurt while learning them?

Whatever the word is for 2013 I think it is going to be a different experience than in past years.


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22 thoughts on “Saturday, waiting for a word…

  1. I totally get this. Grace was my word last year I received after attending a Unity service. We all had to write a word down that felt right to us. Grace was mine. I like what you write about lessons and change. There’s something very stirring about that since it seems to be happening to all of us on some level, in some way. Teddy…has he started to write yet? Merry Christmas to you both.

    1. My word is coming to me. I just need confirmation then I will share it. Your word,grace,is a beautiful word with much depth. I know you learned a lot this year as you contemplated on it.
      As for Teddy…he is learning to type with his toes and should have a short post soon.

    1. There are some words that make me uncomfortable or sad or frightened that I would rather not think about. Although, this year’s word, courage, was one I am uncomfortable with and I have spent a year with it.

    1. Oh yes please do. It is an experience that will bless you. I would like to know what the word is that is given to you if you want to share.

  2. Six letter work that is spiritual. soul searching word in the bible. I think, I will join you. Let us know next year what would that be.

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