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Monday, Santa’s sleigh…

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I grew up in the Snowbelt where there was lots of..well…snow.  We almost always had a least a little snow at Christmas so there was little worry about how Santa’s sleigh would get around.  But I did wonder about how he managed in the warmer climates.

But being the brilliant child I was…some of the brilliance has sorta wore off with the years…I figured it out. 

Santa has lots of smart, inventive, creative, and hard-working elves that knew out how to fix the sleigh for warm places and for times there is no snow in cold places.

images (95)You see, the sleigh not only has runners it also has wheels.  The runners and wheels are retractable.  When there is snow Santa has the runners in place and when there is no snow he retracts the runners and lets the wheels down.

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Santa and his elves are no slouches.  They know what to do in all weather systems.  This fact certainly made the move to the South easier.

 I still worry a bit about the Easter bunny, though.  He doesn’t have transportation and he has a lot of miles to hop.  

10 thoughts on “Monday, Santa’s sleigh…

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours, from a member of the “snow belt”. Actually, though, there is not any today, but expect to be lambasted in the next day or two!!

  2. My older granddaughter will be nine in early January. I’m not looking forward to her finding out about the real Santa story… I love watching the children during the Christmas season and my two grandkids the night before Christmas.

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