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Saturday, the infamous to-do-list…

I got all caught up at work.


Now I have five days off.

Here’s my plan for these days.

Make the infamous to-do list history.

You think I will do it?


Yeah, I don’t think so either.

I think plans must be flexible.

Therefore, list becoming  history, not happening.


I’ll find something else to do.

Something that’s not on any list.

This makes me a happy ditz.


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34 thoughts on “Saturday, the infamous to-do-list…

  1. I gather all those kitties are pals of Teddy. They probably came over to play some cards, have a little milk. I don’t do well with lists either. I’m better on the fly…spontaneous cleaning for instance. I’ve been known to Swiff when you least expect it. Hope you and Teddy have a Happy New Year. Of course you’ll be watching the ball come down…a balls a ball, is that what Teddy just said? I just got up so I’m feeling silly 🙂

    1. Teddy doesn’t personally know the kitties but he knows that I love ’em all so he tolerates their pictures. We won’t be watching the ball cause I don’t have a TV. But we will probably be playing fetch with T’s favorite toy the fuzzy ball.
      Are you and Camille going to ring in the new year with some bubbly?

    1. I love cats, too. As anyone who stops by here can tell. I went to your blog–very nice I will be back–but no Cameo. What kind of cat is she?

  2. You can make a to-do list that is about working or you can make a to-do list that is all about fun. I would chose the fun list.

  3. Love the pics, so appropriate to the captions… you are right, lists are for work…. days off are for relaxing!

    1. Things on the list don’t get done when I am working because…well, I am working. So time off, especially 5 days, seems a good time…or not. Now I am going to rub Teddy’s belly.

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