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Saturday, pillows were what I made…

I made pillows for Christmas gifts.


I think they turned out great.

They were super easy to make.

Pillow form, napkins, yarn, yarn needle.

That’s all you need for materials.

Add time and a little patience.

They’re done and ready to give.

I think my friends liked them.


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Click on the badge to see other Six Word Saturday posts.

Ps.  I have edited this post so many times I lost count.  All due to senior moments, I think.

31 thoughts on “Saturday, pillows were what I made…

  1. question – I think my cats would love to play with the yarn parts -does Teddy?? and using napkins – how easy it that !!! great idea – I still keep going back and looking at them –

    1. Bobbi, I don’t have the pillows, gave them all as gifts, but do plan to make one for myself. Teddy loves to play with strings of yarn but I don’t think he will bother the puffs because they are attached pretty securely. Using napkins was great because there was no measuring and cutting and no hemming–all done by the napkin makers.

  2. Just found this site I love – “Six word Saturday – describe your life in six words”… –Love all the photos and the pillows -:)

  3. Those are cute. I have to piece together the baby sweater I made for my grandniece and block it and send it out before she out grows it! I blocked the cowls for my granddaughters and gave them to them as their Little Christmas gifts. I had to explain what they were.

  4. stopping in from SWS and I love your pillows and the six word six sentences I did them as well that way today. here’s wishing you a super day on Sunday and may your week be stress free as well.
    ~tick Tock Janice~

    1. It’s fun to write six word sentences. Sometimes a bit of a challenge and I often take liberties with grammar and punctuation. But hey, it’s a silly blog not an English study.

  5. Those pillows are adorable, Patricia! Wow! I would love to get to the point of being able to make things for gifts! You inspire me!

  6. I wish I could do that! I used to do crewel, a long time ago! I can just see Teddy helping!

  7. Good for you, Teddy. I enlarged the picture and you did a marvelous job. My knitting did not take off at all. Oh well.

    1. Well, Teddy didn’t make them…although he tried to “help”. Knitting and crocheting are great because you can pick up and put down as often as you need.

      1. Oh Patricia, I’m sorry. I stand corrected. Yes, you are right, I can pick it up latter. By the time I pick up my knitting, the baby blanket, it will be too small for the baby I intend to give it to. Oh well.

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