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Thursday, Looper made me a bit loopy, but still…


I don’t do posts about movies.  Well, I did one, Remember Me, and now I am doing another.
Go figure.
Anyway, I watched a movie last night that I really liked.  I watch a lot of movies I like or think are ok but this one I really liked.  


I like Bruce Willis but I am not a big fan of his movies.  That said, Looper, is better than good.
It is about time travel and all the going back and forth  had me wondering where and when everybody was at times.
Once I got into it, though a bit confusing, I began to like the characters.  Or maybe I should say character, because Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the same guy, Joe, in different places at different times and sometimes in the same place at the same time.  You can see how it would get confusing.  Or maybe it’s just me.

The movie has a good pace and did draw me in.  I sorta had it figured out after one scene where Bruce finds one of the kids he is looking for… but not really.  See it is confusing.  There is an earlier scene with the young Joe and the kid that was a big clue but I didn’t catch it then.  I can be slow when confused by time travel.
The last scene is powerful!

Today, I think you really should see this movie.

14 thoughts on “Thursday, Looper made me a bit loopy, but still…

    1. I really liked it. I always surprise myself when I like this kind of movie. I don’t think of myself as an action sci-fi kinda ditz.

  1. I liked this movie too Patricia. It did take a moment to get the gist of what was going on, but then it was all good.

  2. in the hospital for surgery- my daughter brought in an ipad or something and we watched LOOPER – in fact we watched it twice – the more you watch it the more hidden little things that you missed the first time become apparent – I had just watched another movie – forget the name but same type of thing – If you go back in time and change what you did in the past to make the future better- will destiny still find a way to have someone else make that future happen anyways – interesting thought—

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