25 thoughts on “Sunday, more than deserved…

  1. I was just going to point out that Ann had a similar theme, but she’s here already. Have a lovely Sunday! We have a snowdrop walk later today.

  2. My one cat also has that little pink tongue sticking out -It is so sweet –

    What a wonderful thought about kindness and love – It is so very difficult to love those who have hurt you or one of yours – but it is something we all should strive for – and I agree that the people who are the hardest to love may very well need it the most !

    1. The picture is of Teddy, he sticks his tongue quite often.
      Yep, the goal is to love unconditionally. I find it unconditionally hard to do but I am working on it.

  3. This goes with my Saturday post to always be kinder than necessary. It is sometimes hard to do, but it is what I think we are expected to do, by God. It is easy to rant, not so easy to step back rather than strike out. I don’t like to hurt others, because I know how it feels.

  4. I think that everyone deserves unconditional love. Some seem a bit harder to love than others, but we know those are probably the ones who are most hurting and need love the most.

    This photo touched my heart, my Stormy used to often have his pink tongue protruding just a bit and it was so cute and sweet. How I miss him!

    1. It does seem that those who are hard to love are the ones that seem unlovable because they are hurting. I think I was there once upon a time. But some brave souls didn’t give up on me.

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