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Wednesday, sweeter than it sounds…



female fairy, woman of the fairies

Because it is  March, and the month of the Irish,
all the words this month are English words derived from Irish words.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday, sweeter than it sounds…

  1. I thought banshee was a female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death but I’ve been wrong lots of times before. I DO love the sound of the word as it rolls off the tongue.

    1. It does have that meaning in Irish folklore but it also means female fairy…maybe they wail…who knows…but I always think of fairies as sweet creatures.

  2. New word…never knew that’s what it meant. Yes, lots of St. Patty’s Day stuff going on round these parts. Shamrocks in all shapes and sizes are sprouting from store windows. The luck of the Irish is in our midst, or at least our stores.

    1. The word can be used negatively which is how my Irish family used it but it doesn’t have to be negative. We Irish are a bit contrary, ya know.

    1. I think most of us think of the negative aspect of this word. In Irish folklore there are stories of wailing women called banshees that herald the death of a loved one. But the word also means female fairy. I like that definition better. But then maybe it’s female fairies that do the wailing…

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